1) The assignment must

1) The assignment must be approximately 1000 words long. 2) Your assignment must be written in full sentences and paragraphs, and must address the following question: What is a myth in your life? The purpose of the assignment is (a) to identify and analyze a myth in your life, i.e., a story with mythical aspects that is familiar to you and has been a part of your life. You might know it from history, from a tradition, as part of a cultural or religious event, as seen in a film or read in a book, from your education, etc. In your assignment, you should identify and re-tell this myth in a short description (aim for no more than 200 words). You should also (b) describe why you would identify it as a myth, as opposed to, say, just a good story. Discuss the elements of the story that make it mythical. For example, is it the characters? The plot? The setting? The medium or genre of the story? Some other aspect? Other things to consider here: is the myth true? partially true? completely fantastic? realistic? Please also (c) include some reflection on what the myth does and how it does it. Your writing about what effect the myth has might include answers to some of the following questions: Does it preserve or transmit information? If so, how? Is it part of a ritual or ceremony? Does it induce emotion like fear, love, pride, nostalgia, wonder? Does it provide an example of good or bad behaviour? A moral lesson? Does your myth work to define a community? A place? An historical era? Does the context of the myth matter to its interpretation? If so, how? Does your myth do more than one thing? Is your myth solely for entertainment? Does your myth seem to do one thing but actually do another? In this section, see if you can think really broadly and creatively about the question of what a myth might do. Finally, your assignment should (d) discuss the ways in which your myth fits or doesnt fit with the definitions and examples of Greek myth as discussed in this class.

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