2 Prompts – Business

2 Prompts – Business HR Proposal READ CAREFULLY!!!!!!!


-the issue you will address

-the work you intend to perform

-individuals/departments involved in the project

-the types of data or information sources you will use

-SHRM competencies demonstrated in the project


(1):  Organizational Exit Policy and Procedure

Problem: Company lacks an Organizational Exit Policy & Procedure.

As an HR Manager for an accounting firm of 25 employees in Delaware, you have been tasked to develop an Organizational Exit Policy and Procedure that would address: exit interviews, terminations, resignations, and RIFs. The policy and procedure should include all applicable forms. 

(2): Lecture ABC Corporation

Problem: Not all managers know about types of change. We need to make sure we know the differences so we know how to implement them in the future. 

You are a Human Resources Director giving a workshop to Line Managers in ABC Corporation on the topic of Transformational and Continuous change. 

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