A math project should be written as

Math Project Requirements A math project should be written as a formal report. It should be typed (double-spaced) using complete sentences and correct grammar at all times. There should not be isolated sections of your report. One statement should flow nicely to the next, as if you are reading a journal or magazine article. You should write to an audience who is familiar with the mathematical topics, but is NOT in this class. This means that you must INTRODUCE and DESCRIBE the project to the reader before you explain anything. Someone who has never seen the project handout should be able to read your report and understand WHAT you did and HOW you did it. It is just as important for you to communicate that you understand the mathematics as it is for you to do the math. Your project should have a title page that includes the title of the project, class title and section number, the due date, and the names (first and last) of all group members. The beginning of your project should introduce the topic and discuss the purpose of the project. You should address what you are trying to establish, determine, or discover, and you should briefly explain how you are going to do this. You should explain how you collected your data and mention what materials were used. Do not include every detail (for example, listing the key strokes needed on the calculator is not necessary). If you have a question as to whether or not something should be included, DISCUSS with other class members, and ASK your instructor. You need to show all of your work. Put equations and calculations on a separate line. Charts and graphs should be worked into the body of your paper, not attached separately. For example, if you talk about a specific scatter plot for a certain set of data, you need to include that scatter plot then. All charts and graphs should have a title, the axes should be labeled and scaled, and any functions should be labeled. Zoom in or out sufficiently so that the plot or function fills up the entire graph. If the project handout asks you to answer specific questions, answer these questions in a conversational manner, within the body of your report. You should not list them in question/answer format. Again, each statement should lead nicely to the next. The conclusion of your paper should be reserved for explaining what you discovered or determined. It is here that you convince the reader that you know what youre talking about. In other words, tell the reader what you learned. Make sure that the original problem you were trying to solve has been solved and explained.

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