Question III A MURDER MYSTERY. (10 pts) Hercule Poirot is stumped. There has been a murder in a lab right next to the United Nations building in New York and there are few clues. Dr. Albert Schweizer was bludgeoned to death with an atomic absorption spectrometer after setting his students the longest exam ever in the history of North American academia. Doubtless the student repeated the doctors mantra back to him, having heard it so many times in class Thiz iz ftir your ouwn gild! as he beat him repeatedly with the spectrometer. You have been called in because the victim did have time to leave a clue the name of his murderer before he died. In his own inimitable way, however, the gild doctor wrote the letters of the name on the corners of a loose leaf binder one letter per page. They must be in numerical order but the doctor probably skipped some pages as he turned them over. And the loose leaf binder came apart so the pages are scattered and many are damaged. Here is where you come in. The numbered pages each have a term used in analytical chemistry work. The pages with the letters on have a definition or explanation or related term. Of course there are more pages with letters than those with numbers so a scientist is needed to put the letters and numbers together. Poirot has the list of class members but there are many letters and it is not known if Dr. Schweizer wrote down the initial(s) and last name or Ml name of the perpetrator. Besides, the names are from so many different backgrounds that simply jumbling up the letters does not do any good. Match up the terms with their matching phrases and write them out, order them numerically and spell out the name of the murderer. Remember that some of the phrases are incomplete due to the damage to the sheets (indicated by ellipsis).

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