ABCUniversity is to be a centre

Description Case StudyABCUniversity is a modern university, with over 20 000 students and 3000 academic staff and 1000 support staff. The mission of ABCUniversity is to be a centre of excellence in education, research, consultancy services and to prepare its students for their lives after leaving university. The key strategic objectives of the university are to offer high quality teaching, achieve excellence in research,provide high quality consultancy services to business and community organisations and increase incomes.The university depends on the commitment and performance of its staff to achieve these objectives. It recognises unions for academic staff and support staff and negotiates core pay and conditions nationally. Senior managerial and professorial staff are on personal contracts and performance-related pay. Given the competitive nature of student recruitment, research funding and other funding opportunities, university management, led by a new vice-chancellor, is planning to revise the institutions Human Resources Strategy (HRS). Looking to the future, the HR aims of the institution include reviewing staffing needs, addressing staff recruitment and retention difficulties, preparing staff for future job demands, promoting equal opportunity targets, rewarding good performance****** deal******with poor performance. Assignment Question Using this basic information about this organisation, imagine that you are an HR consultant who has been asked to advise the university management on which model of Human Resources Strategy best-practice, best-fit, or RBV of the firm this organisation might usefully adopt to achieve its overall objectives. Discuss the advice that you would give and why you would give it. In determining your answer, do not make any unreasonable assumptions about the organisation and do not change the case study in any way by what is added. In doing this, you should also consider: 1.Critically discuss all three models/strategies (best-practice, best-fit, RBV) 2.Choose one of these three strategies and explain why this should be adopted by ABC University 3.What would be the role of the HR department in implementing the strategy

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