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Why we do what we do

Few years ago we found out that there was a need for a competent, ethical academic writing service that prioritized the needs of its customers. We spent some time building a business model and feel we’ve succeeded. We employ only the best writers available; we ensure that customers receive completely unique, personalized pieces of writing; and we have privacy and satisfaction guarantees.

About Us

When a group of freelance writers decided to turn their passion for writing and academics into a company that provides writing services to students, My Pen Services was born. Since then, the business has grown to become a global player. Skilled Essays links students from all over the world with a team of hundreds of freelance writers.

The Team

My Pen Services has a large marketing team, accomplished writers, a customer service team, quality assurance experts, and operations personnel. Each of these business areas collaborates with one another to help students who are experiencing academic challenges meet their maximum academic potential.

Our Mission

My Pen Services' purpose is to offer academic writing services to high school and college students, including those seeking advanced degrees, such as writing, editing, and proofreading. They work with a diverse community of students who live and go to school in a number of locations.

Social Responsibility

When it comes to education and academia, the values at My Pen Services, as well as their staff, suppliers, and contractors, recognize the value of social responsibility. As a result, we've put in place policies and procedures to ensure that no one can receive a degree, credential, or other document that would enable them to work in a field for which they are unqualified.

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