Abstract (global context, hour-glass

Abstract (global context, hour-glass

4000ENG/7001ENG Research Methods: Assignment 2 Mark Sheet Name: Student Number Criteria Mark Score Title (clear, specific, greater than 8 words) and 4 key words 5 Abstract (global context, hour-glass structure, specific experimental method & analysis methods, less than 250 words) 5 Introduction (global challenge leading to your specific research question or research hypothesis) 5 Literature review (> 5 relevant papers reviewed followed by a conclusion leading to research method, proper in-line referencing technique) 5 Research methods (theory, measurements, equipment, calibration, data collection, equations, block diagram of method) 10 Data analysis (statistics, typical data, data presentation in tables and plots, complete figures, figure captions, table captions etc) 5 Expected outcomes and Conclusions (specific to global conclusions) 5 Further work (follow-up research required?) 5 References (perfect formatting following the template) 5 Appendix A (two page maximum, resource estimates with two line descriptions, personnel with two line descriptions, milestones, deliverables,) 5 Template (the look and feel of the template, less than 6 pages excluding appendix, no cover sheet, name in the file title, name on first page) 5 Total 60

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