ACC/ACF 3200 assignment marking

ACC/ACF 3200 assignment marking schedule Semester

ACC/ACF 3200 assignment marking schedule Semester 2, 2017 Group no. Tutorial time and day. Tutor/marker. KEY AREAS MARK 1 Executive summary (spend some time on it if youd like your client to read through the rest!) page max (generally between ½ and 2/3rd of a page should be enough) / 10 2 Analysis and discussion Remind yourself of the following as you write this section How well were the problems of the case diagnosed? How well were the problems analysed and contextualised? How well was prior research assimilated in analysis & discussion? Was good use made of case data to support the analysis? Were appropriate conclusions drawn from the analysis? /70 3 Key Recommendations in bullet points (drawn logically from the analysis and discussion section; avoid suggesting too many or too few both can create a problem)page max /10 4 Overall presentation (report format as prescribed; professional formatting; error free- spelling & grammar; proper referencing using the Q manual) /10 PROVISIONAL MARK Note: Marks are subject to change/standardisation /100 OTHER COMMENTS:

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