acknowledge all sources of information

1. TMA must be written in ESSAY format, BULLETS and NUMBERING to be avoided. Avoid writing TMA in first person tense. E.g. I suggest that or In this TMA I am going to discussetc. 2. Word count should be exact with 10% (More/less) tolerance. 3. You must acknowledge all sources of information using full Harvard Style Referencing (In-text referencing plus list of references at the end) Minimum of 5 references are required. MUST include E-library and course materials. 4. Wikipedia is not recommended as a reference. 5. Copy and paste-plagiarized work will be detected by TURNITIN and heavily penalized. 6. TMAs to tutors through emails and late submission not permitted. 7. Strictly use the PT3 form with green color mark for your TMA. Any other non- compliance to guidelines and requirements will be penalized WARNING: THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSION OF CUT-OFF DATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Please Note that this particular TMA is meant to respond to recommendations given by EE to encourage and develop greater critical analytical s******s especially at level 6, by encouraging the students to read more widely; the greater use of comparative case studies; and encouraging part-time students to reflect on the application of the theories discussed to their own workplace. The TMA is based on the concepts from Readings for Block 3-Readings 12 &13 Question The fundamental of competition has shifted significantly to the creation and assimilation of knowledge hence, role of the nation has grown.

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