analysis and evaluation of

analysis and evaluation of the companys

Topic analysis and evaluation of the companys recent performance and future prospects in light of the challenges facing the retail sector as outlined in the quote below. The Australian retail sector has had more than its fair share of challenges over the past 12 months none more so than a consumer who, through the power of technology, has become far more discerning and value conscious. The economic landscape has created an innate conservatism amongst consumers but the reality is, year-on-year people are spending more- theyre just not spending it in areas where theyve traditionally spent their disposable income as new channels and products/services emerge. However, many business are tackling this situation head-on and coming up with new enhancements to the shopping experience, supply chain initiatives and shifts in channel strategy, and their broader customer value proposition to remain relevant. area to analysis (only need to pick one): Share price movement, Board composition, Macro-economic changes, Socio-economic changes the issue you analyse should be about past and/or future challenges facing the sector need to linked to what the business is doing and then tell the audience why you are telling them that Research recent annual report presentations to shareholders IBISWorld reports on the company and the segment Requirement Correctly explain why it is an issue for this situation (not just what the issue is) Linked to other relevant strategic or operational information from the case Explicitly explains why the client should be informed of this issue in this situation

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