Apply theory, tools, and judgment to product

ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINE AND CHECKLIST SCALE Goal Apply theory, tools, and judgment to produce tangible assets that make a venture more attractive to stakeholders relative to its competitors (i.e., incumbents and other new companies). Objective Each group is to demonstrate that it can produce a spreadsheet that shows how the venture will grow, SCALE is an executable spreadsheet that shows how the venture will grow. The spreadsheet should include, but not be limited to: Mode selected for the venture to operate select one among supplier, reseller, multi-sided platform, component supplier, marketplace, etc. Ventures growth model Logic used to create the ventures growth model Parameters of the ventures growth model Values selected for each parameter Results of executing the mode Spreadsheet: 1. Mode of operations? 2. Growth model? 3. Logic? 4. Parameters? 5. Values 6. Results? I will also attached 2 class session slides that will help you fill in this checklist.

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