APU HRMT412 Assignment 4:

APU HRMT412 Assignment 4: Final Project

Assignment InstructionsInstructions:ACompensation package can include salary, bonuses, health care plans,and a variety of other types of compensation. Envision an organizationof your choice and develop a mission statement that defines what type oforganization you choose (manufacturing, retail, sales, etc.) Based onresearch you conduct into the type of organization you have selected,create a compensation package for three classes of employees foundbelow. 1. Initial entry employees2. Middle management3. Senior management Your compensation package should include at a minimum, salary, bonuses,health care, retirement plans (defined benefit defined contribution,etc.), and paid time off (PTO), (Vacation, sick leave, holidays, etc.) Submission Instructions:IMPORTANT!! Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources(NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources), format your work inproper APA format, include a cover page, minimum of 5 FULL pages ofwritten content, double space all work, include a reference section, andcite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 6thedition of the APA manual, chapters 6 & 7. Reminder:Late submissions will be reduced by one full letter grade for each daythe assignment is submitted late. Assignments submitted after the 3rdday late without an approved extension before the assignment due datewill receive a zero Provide any additional submission directions aswell.

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