Are in text citations in correct APA form

LABOUR STUDIES SS428 PAPER GRADING RUBRIC Student__________________________ BIBLIOGRAPHY Is the bibliography in correct APA format? Are there a minimum of five references? Has the reference material been subject to peer review? Are there any unsigned articles? There should not be. 5 marks_______ IN TEXT CITATIONS Is the paper well documented? Are in text citations in correct APA format? Have page or paragraph numbers been included? Have paraphrases and direct quotations been introduced by a narrative lead-in? Has all the material listed on the reference page been made reference to in the paper? Has a single secondary source been overused? 4 marks________ INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION Is there a clearly stated purpose for writing in the introduction? Does the introduction offer a summary of the ideas discussed in the paper? Does the conclusion summarize the main ideas developed in the paper and offer a final word on the subject? 3 marks________ THE BODY OF THE PAPER Is there a narrowly defined purpose for writing? Are paragraphs introduced by a topic sentence? Do paragraphs end with conclusions? Is it clear how ideas developed in each paragraph advance the writers purpose? Is there a balance between narrative and analysis? Are premises adequately supported with reference to secondary sources? 8 marks________ THE TITLE PAGE Has the title page been numbered? Is the students information centered on the page? 1 marks________ EDITING Has the paper been edited carefully for spelling, grammar and sentence structure? 4 marks________ 25 marks_______

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