Armfield Shell and Tube

Armfield Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Single-Pass and Multiple-Pass)

ChE 334 Spring 2018 Armfield Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger (Single-Pass and Multiple-Pass) Summary The objective of this lab is to characterize a common type of heat exchanger. Shell and tube and tubular (pipe in pipe) heat exchangers are available configured with water flowing on both sides. Heat exchanger dimensions are available and allow the prediction of convective and overall heat transfer coefficients as a function of flowrates based on Nusselt number. The heat exchangers can be tested over a range of conditions and performance is compared to predicted values. Pre-Lab Preparation Review the HT30X manual, which includes dimensions for the heat exchangers. You will have access to two different heat exchanger modules: Single-pass Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger (S&T HX) with seven (7) tubes and two (2) baffles. NOTE: Inside dimensions of tubes and tube spacing are not given in the manual and will need to be measured in lab. Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger (DP HX) Please review Welty 6th Ed. Ch. 22 Heat Transfer Equipment for analysis of these heat exchangers and come prepared with the knowledge of how to calculate the theoretical predictions of the overall heat transfer coefficient (U) in both geometries. You should also refer to Table 22.1 for typical U values. REQUIRED of ALL: Write all equations needed to calculate theoretical U for both S&T and DP HXs, including any Nu correlations needed for laminar and turbulent flows. REQUIRED OF PL: Build a spreadsheet that includes the following experimental inputs: cold water flowrate, hot water flowrate, Thot,in, Thot,out, Tcold,in, Tcold,out, and any other specifications and unit conversions needed to calculate experimental overall heat transfer coefficient (U) for both S&T and DP HXs at all flowrates you plan to run. Transport Concept(s) Lab and Engineering Skills Temperature measurement Sensible heat Convective heat transfer Estimation of Nu, h, U Plumbing Steady state Flow calibration EXPERIMENT Equipment and Protocol: Armfield HT30X heat exchanger platform HT31 tubular heat exchanger HT33 shell and tube heat exchanger Various tubing and interconnects Plastic graduated cylinders stopwatch Take time to understand the fluid flow paths of the HT30X and the thermocouple locations for flow in and out on both the hot and cold side. Starting with the shell and tube heat exchanger, choose a configuration and flowrates to get started. Be sure to calibrate flowmeters as necessary using a graduated cylinder and stopwatch. The hot side flow may be limited to about 1.5 L/min by heater capacity. ChE334 Spring 2017

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