As an entrepreneur, I believe providing

Running Head: KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED APTE 7207 Professional Business Management Kiwi-Poolers Limited Unitec Institute of Technology KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED ii Executive Summary As an entrepreneur, I believe providing carpooling services is an investment worth making, as traffic congestions continue to only worsen. With this in mind, I developed a business proposal as written here. The proposal itself has analysed and discussed on multiple factors surrounding carpooling services and the company itself, here known as Kiwi-Poolers Limited. The aspects to mention a few, include but are not limited to, economical factors, technological factors, competitors factors, knowledge management and aspects relating to the business operations. Throughout this analysis, it was evident for the need to deliver a unique service in order to stay competitive and capture a significant amount of potential customers. It has been concluded, the company can successfully be established and maintain a competitive lead over its rivals. Lastly and additionally, the demand in carpooling services as analysed, will gradually continue to grow for as long as an innovative solution to solve the traffic congestions is yet to be implemented. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED iii Table of Contents Executive Summary.. ii 1. Introduction. 1 2. Business Description .. 2 3. Market Analysis 7 4. Sales & Marketing. 14 5. Business Operations . 20 6. Knowledge Management 23 7. Summary & Reflection 25 References . 26 List of Figures.. 29 KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 1 Kiwi-Poolers Limited 1. Introduction Traffic congestion has been a subject of concern for multiple nations globally as the situation only continues to worsen for many nations according to (TomTom traffic index 2016, 2016). The resulting outcomes have pushed leaders, engineers, organizations, and individuals into taking actions to minimize the effect produced by congestion. New Zealand, a country of diverse ethnicities has over the years faced a significant increase in traffic congestion as analysed from (Fyres, 2016). This negative impact has however, created a window of opportunity and market for potential businesses. Kiwi-Poolers Limited, a company been developed as a result of an opened window opportunity caused by heavy traffic congestions, will seek to provide New Zealanders an alternative transport service that allows sharing of vehicles to and from common location points. The service will car-pool potential customers along congested routes in selected regions of the country during its first stages of launching. The resulting targeted benefits, to mention a few, will range from a decrease in traffic congestions, increase in individual productivity and promote to a greener New Zealand. As an individual developing Kiwi-Poolers Limited, my academic focus and studies lies in the Automotive Technology and Engineering field. Furthermore, I have gained industry knowledge from internationally recognized organizations and companies, namely Volkswagen, CFAO Motors and Sao Hill Industries. The knowledge gained both in explicit and tacit form, was obtained heavily from vehicle repairs, vehicle servicing and advanced vehicle electrical and electronic repairs. Translation of each skill and knowledge gained in both academic and work form will be translated throughout the business development. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 2 2. Business Description 2.1 Vison, Mission and Values The vision, mission and values built around Kiwi-Poolers Limited are described as below. They serve to guide our employees and provide an understanding of our intended path as a company. I. Vision Kiwi-Poolers Limited visions to positively impact the growth of sustainable transportation in New Zealand for the better of our people and the nation at large. II. Mission At Kiwi-Poolers Limited, we mission to provide Kiwis with affordable and sustainable transportation that continuously improves their commute experience. III. Values As Kiwi-Poolers Limited, our core values driving and defining us as company are defined as below. i. Sustainability We work together to continuously provide New Zealanders with sustainable transportation. ii. Productivity We continuously increase productivity as car-pooling allows individuals to focus their time on other productive matters. iii. Diversity We promote the growth of diverse cultures in New Zealand. iv. Connectivity We continuously connect individuals from manifold industries through car-pooling. v. Innovation We develop and implement future technologies to benefit our customers, the public and nation as a whole. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 3 2.2 Industry Sector Car-pooling and Kiwi-Poolers Limited respectively, is a service primarily focusing in the transportation sector. As defined, the company is focused in providing transport for potential customers and their goods forth and back given routes. The sector is further defined by allowing individuals to hire our service and been accessible to the public. However, the company approaches the transportation sector as a private none government based transport service provider, further defining the sector it focuses on. Unlike government operated transportation services such as buses and trains, KiwiPoolers Limited transport network will primarily focus on selected routes based on congestion levels among other aspects discussed further in this proposal. Furthermore, the company will differ from Taxi services which can both be government or private based by lacking the flexibility of privately hiring a single vehicle, driven by a licensed taxi driver to a customers choice of destination. The choice of industry is driven by the growth of traffic congestion in specific regions of New Zealand, mainly Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury as analysed from (Fyres, 2016; Livingston & Thomas, 2016; Nichols, 2015). In certain cities such as Christchurch, traffic congestion levels have been noticeably significant that vehicle users are been advised by respective authorities to car-pool when possible in order to combat the increase in traffic congestion as reported by (Mead, 2016). The continuous growth of congestion levels has opened a market opportunity for transport solutions to be developed and implemented, in order to relief traffic congestion levels and improve the lives of New Zealanders. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 4 2.3 Products & Services With continuation from the industry sector Kiwi-Poolers Limited is focused on, a further analysis of the service(s) provided is done accordingly as below. I. Transportation Service The key and primary service provided by Kiwi-Poolers Limited is transportation services for the public. The service will be accessible to potential customers as a private company and not as an extension to a government provided public transport service. Potential customers will utilize the companies provided service to share a vehicle along specified routes. II. Mobile Phone Application Services In order to ensure our service runs fluidly and is accessible to potential customers in the most convenient method possible, a dedicated application that will operate on a broad application platform will be developed in order to be utilized by potential customers. The application will run across multiple platforms from Android to iOS and Windows, in order to allow potential customers to conveniently manage several aspects such as their accounts, make changes to their trips and receive new updates. III. Web Services In addition to the companies dedicated application, potential customers will further have access to our web services that contain similar information as that found in our mobile applications. Web services will be of use for customers who do not have access to our mobile application or prefer to access the service through a computer. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 5 IV. Parking Services As a company car-pooling customers along specified routes, parking services will be provided in areas where parking space is a concern such as city centrals or highly congested areas. Additionally, customers utilizing the service through companies or organisations will not require the parking service as a business to business relationship marketing strategy will be utilized to provide parking spaces on their companies grounds. V. Vehicle Charging Services In the future, Kiwi-Poolers will look forward into developing charging stations for electrically driven and rechargeable vehicles. The service will be made freely accessible to our customers and to the public at a given cost. VI. Direct & Indirect Customer Service As a company, we will provide customer services to our clients either indirectly through electronic devices or directly from either of our company office(s). 2.4 Sources of Competitive Advantage As a company, to sustain and compete with similar companies offering car-pooling services, multiple competitive strategies will be utilized as discussed below. I. Competitive Prices As a company, we will price our services at a competitive point whilst offering additional services and access to systems and applications such as our dedicated mobile phone application and parking services. This will continue to place us at a competitive advantage over our competitors. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 6 II. Outstanding management team In order to ensure our services consistently operate at their best, a great management team and system will be employed and utilized accordingly in focus of staying ahead of the competition. III. Competitive mobile application Kiwi-Poolers will utilize a mobile application that will run across multiple platforms from Android, iOS and Windows. The application will be made easy to use, intuitive and fluid to interact with. The combination of mobile application features and access, will continue to place Kiwi-Poolers at a competitive advantage against the competition. IV. Outstanding data management and analysis capabilities Collected customer data will be managed and analysed with great skills. Data will further be stored securely in our systems if required to do so. This will positively contribute to our operational efficiency and further place us at a competitive advantage over our competitors. V. Superior IT Team The IT Information & Technology team employed at Kiwi-Poolers will consist of individuals with outstanding skills. This will ensure our systems and applications are well built and managed with a great team. The result is not only customer satisfaction but a further competitive edge over our competitors. VI. Outstanding customer service At Kiwi-Poolers we believe our customers will benefit from the great team of customer focused individuals offering great customer service. This in addition to the aforementioned strategies above, will continue to provide Kiwi-Poolers a competitive edge against our competitors. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 7 3. Market Analysis 3.1 Carpooling Market Size As referenced from (Ghosh, 2015), the global carpooling market size is estimated to be worth 21 Billion New Zealand dollars and further projected to grow by 95 percent in the next decade, which equates to an estimate of 475 Billion New Zealand dollars. 3.2 Trends Providing Opportunities 3.2.1 Information & Technology Sector Growth It is estimated the IT industry in Auckland has grown by an excess of 70% over the past 10 years according to (Auckland tech sector innovation driving IT job growth, 2015). With such a significant growth, this could provide access to services and labour at competitive prices while ensuing quality is met. As Kiwi-Poolers Limited, this will allow us as a company to secure a team of welltrained individuals in the IT industry that will develop systems and applications such as the mobile application system for the benefit of our potential customers. 3.2.2 Internet Usage As analysed from (Tracking the habits of New Zealands internet users, 2016), more than 50% of New Zealanders spend at least 3 hours a day on the internet. With such a statistic, this will assist us as a company to provide mobile and web services to our potential customers. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 8 3.3 Customers Analysis To define and analyse who our potential customers are, three main factors are utilized as below. Table 1. Customer Analysis Factor Decision Reasons Commute Factor Individuals who work at least throughout the day in one location. Individuals driving during peak traffic hours. Young kiwis who rely on private transport to school and work. To ensure effective operation of the service. To ensure the service caters for a wide range of customers. Region Factor Auckland (Main focus first with later expansion to other regions). Wellington. Canterbury. Proven through references to contain heavy traffic congestions. Route Factor Auckland State Highway 1 towards North Whangarei & South Hamilton. State Highway 16 towards Motorway Auckland & West Helensville. State Highway 20 towards South Manukau & North Waitakere. Proven through references to contain heavy traffic congestions. (Fox, 2011; Fyres, 2016; Livingston & Thomas, 2016; Mead, 2016; Nichols, 2015; Robinson, 2015; Traffic woes drive people from Auckland, 2016; Wellington beats LA, London for traffic jams, 2016.). KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 9 3.4 Economic & Business Environment The analysis of the economic and business environment is important for companies as it provides an assessment of factors that could influence the business positively or negatively. To analyse these factors three main sections will be utilized as below. Each factor outlined is focused around Carpooling services and Kiwi-Poolers Limited. 3.4.1 Microeconomic Factors I. Competitors As referenced from (Carpooling, 2016), there are five national based carpooling services available and five more regional focused carpooling services. In addition as cited from (Auckland, 2016), multiple companies, institutes and local government bodies have implemented internal strategies to provide access to carpooling services for their employees. We at Kiwi-Poolers however, will enforce unique strategies to stay ahead of the competition as outlined on section 2.4 and as further discussed in this proposal. II. Demand It is unclear on the demand of carpooling services in New Zealand. However, local authorities in Christchurch have emphasized on utilizing carpooling services to aid in congestion according to (Mead, 2016). With continuous emphasis from local authorities, this could increase or ignite the demand for carpooling services. III. Supply As analysed from point I & II above, there seems to be an oversupply of the service than the actual demand of the service. This will result in further competition and prove challenging as Kiwi-Poolers Limited, to grow and sustain. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 10 3.4.2 Macroeconomic Factors I. Increase in Minimum Wage Figure 1. Minimum Wage. (New Zealand Minimum Hourly Wage, 2015). As reference from (The minimum wage, 2016) and from the figure above, the minimum hourly wage has increased by 5 New Zealand Dollars over the past decade. The increase in minimum wage from a company perspective, provides us with a wider opportunity to attain customers. II. Unemployment Rate Figure 2. Unemployment rate (New Zealand Unemployment Rate, 2016). KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 11 With reference from (New Zealand unemployment rate, 2016) and from Figure 2 above, the employment is currently at 5.7%. The value isnt at its best compared to the statistic measured on the beginning of 2016 but could be result of increase in population. As a company, an increase in employment rate will prove both positive and negative. Positively, it will allow us to pay our employees at competitive prices, while negatively, it reduces the possibility of attaining potential customers. III. Reduction in Company Tax Rates Figure 3. Company tax rates (New Zealand Corporate Tax Rate, 2015). As cited from (New Zealand corporate tax rate, 2015) and from Figure 3 above, company tax rates have reduced by 5% over the last decade. The decrease in the company tax rate, will allow us to grow and sustain as a business. 3.4.3 Political Factors I. Government Support As analysed from (Carpooling priority parking, 2016; Lets carpool, 2016), the government has continued to support carpooling services by allocating priority carpooling parking spaces and supporting Lets Carpool carpooling services. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 12 The continuous support from the government will not only allow the service to grow, but will further allow us as a company to operate effectively. II. Taxi Companies Regulations A report from (Ryan, 2016) suggests the taxi industry will face regulations change that will allow it compete fairly against the likes of Uber or competitive services offering transport alternatives for the public. The proposed amendments will cover both the driver and respective companies such as the need for drivers to have a passenger service licence or for taxi companies to be under an approved taxi organization. With the amendments said to take place in 2017 according to (Ryan, 2016), this could result in an increase of taxi companies and drivers which will further increase competition. 3.5 Competitors Analysis As discussed from section 3.4.1, New Zealand has more than 8 national and regional based carpooling services. Additionally, companies, institutes and local business have implemented strategies that provide carpooling services to their employees. However with further research, Lets Carpool and Carpool New Zealand have been found to be the toughest competitors for Kiwi-Poolers Limited. Lets Carpool will prove to be a tough competitor as it is supported by the local government. This could provide benefits such as ease of access to acquire parking spaces, reduction in taxes and offering cheaper rates to their users as referenced from (Lets carpool, 2016). As noted from (Chariot, 2016; Lee-Woolf, 2015), Carpool New Zealand also known as Chariot could prove to be a strong competitor to Kiwi-Poolers Limited as the company has invested in a mobile application. With utilization of a mobile application, this will provide potential customers ease of access to the companys services among KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 13 other benefits. Additionally, with the investment made by the company Chariot, it could further define the companys intention to provide carpooling services for an undefined years to come. With that said however, we at Kiwi-Poolers Limited will implement strategies that will us to compete and stay ahead of our competition as discussed on section 2.4 and as further analysed in this proposal. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 14 4. Sales & Marketing 4.1 Unique Selling Proposition & Key Sales Message(s) 4.1.1 Unique Selling Proposition As analysed from section 3.5 above, Kiwi-Poolers will face tough competitors offering similar carpooling services. However, for us a company to stay ahead of the competition we will utilize multiple unique strategies to keep us ahead of the competition as discussed below. I. Low Prices We at Kiwi-Poolers believe in offering our services at low prices for the benefit of our customers and nation at large. Additionally, as a company we are further focused on gradual growth with moderate profit margins. This unique strategy will allow potential customers to utilize our services at competitive prices as the company gradually grows. II. Wider Application Platform Technology as analysed on section 3.2 of this proposal, is of significant importance to New Zealanders and the nation itself. We at Kiwi-Poolers will implement a mobile application system that will be accessible across multiple platforms, mainly Android, iOS and possibly Windows Store. The wide implementation of our mobile application will allow us as company to stay ahead of the competition and attract a wider range of customers. III. User Friendly Website To continue from point II above, we will further design and implement a website that is of ease to use to our potential customers. This will provide customers with the right information and allow them to easily access our service. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 15 IV. Technical & Customer Support Team Our technical and customer support team at Kiwi-Poolers will consist of individuals with superior technical and customer related skills. This for our customers, will ensure they have reliable access to solutions and advice as per their request, which will continue to assist us a company to maintain our customer base and stay ahead of the competition. V. Low Emission & Zero Emission Vehicles To assist us as a company to lower our prices, stay ahead of the competition and maintain our core value in sustainability, the company will utilize both low and zero emission vehicles. The range of vehicles will consist mainly of hybrids and full electric vehicles. 4.1.2 Key Sales Message(s) I. We at Kiwi-Poolers believe you can save half the amount you financially spend on your driving commute. Join us today to start saving. II. Let us make a difference together by reducing half a ton of annual vehicle emissions per every customer. III. Spending too much time on traffic? Let us make the change for the better our people and nation. 4.2 Market Position Strategy Our services and products will be accessible to potential customers at a low cost and with our mobile application service, at no cost at all. However, even with the low cost charges on utilizing our products and services, we at Kiwi-Poolers will still main high quality standards throughout the services we provide to our customers. We further believe, our services will be of high value to the customers utilizing them. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 16 4.3 Branding 4.3.1 Brand Message Reimagining transportation with Green Ideas. 4.3.2 Branding Technique To brand Kiwi-Poolers limited, multiple techniques will be utilized as discussed below. I. High Standards To assist us in branding the company, we will ensure our services and products are consistently provided to our customers at high standards. This over time will allow Kiwi-Poolers Limited to be recognized as a company that provides high quality service and products II. Low Emission & Zero Emission Vehicles As a company we utilize low emission and zero emission vehicles consisting of mainly hybrids and full electric vehicles that will provide select customers access to our services. This will assist in branding us as a company that provides sustainable transportation, which is one of our main core values. III. Flexible Payment Plans To further assist us in branding the company, we will implement flexible payment plans. This will allow customers to utilize our carpooling service with ease. This is important, as the less complex the system is, the higher the probability for customers to continue using the service. IV. Assurance of our Future Existence To ensure our customers we are here to stay and we believe in the future of carpooling service, we will develop projects with the public to be utilized in the near future. Through developing future projects with the public, this will assist us in branding KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 17 the company that has focus in sustainable transportation for the future, which is also our vision. 4.4 Promotion Strategies To assist in promoting our company, multiple strategies will be utilized as discussed below. I. Zero Charges We will arrange for a select amount of individuals from different sectors such as private companies, schools or government offices to utilize our services at zero charges for a specific amount of time. This will assist in building our recognition and promoting the company. II. Social Media Through Facebook and YouTube, we will promote our business by utilizing these two social services. The two main services will be utilized to upload media content and company information relating to Kiwi-Poolers Limited. III. Brochures To further assist us in promoting our business, we will distribute brochures in public areas, public transport vehicles, companies and institutes. IV. Famed Individual In order to further promote our business, we will arrange to provide our services to a popular individual within the country. At a later stage, the individual will be asked to share his/her review to the public through their own social media pages or accounts. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 18 4.5 Product & Services Packaging At Kiwi-Poolers, we will package our service and products by utilizing two main methods as discussed below. I. Intuitive Web & Application Service Our mobile and web services will be designed with simplicity in order to provide a fluid and intuitive experience. This will improve our customers satisfaction and further allow potential customers to access our services with ease. II. Payment Plans To further assist in providing our carpooling services with relative ease, we will develop and implement payment plans. The payment plans will be divided in two main sections: i. Short term payment plans This will consist a maximum of three months. ii. Long term payment plans This will consists a minimum of six months. iii. Business to Business agreements This will consist of an agreement to carpool employees for a particular company, organization or institute. 4.6 Distribution Strategy The choice of location and how we will as a company sell our services, is discussed in two main sections as below. 4.6.1 Location I. Auckland At the first stages, our services will be provided in Auckland only and a further expansion to Wellington and Canterbury. The targeted routes in Auckland are listed as below. i. State Highway 1 towards North Whangarei & South Hamilton. ii. State Highway 16 towards Motorway Auckland & West Helensville. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 19 iii. State Highway 20 towards South Manukau & North Waitakere. 4.6.2 Distribution Method In order to sell our service, we will provide our customers with two main alternatives as discussed below. I. Kiwi-Poolers Owned Vehicles Our customers will have the option of utilizing our carpooling service through our company owned and operated vehicles. If the customer prefers to carpool with his/her own vehicle then we shall make the necessary arrangements as discussed below. II. Individually Owned Vehicles Customer who choose to utilize our service through their own vehicles will be allowed to do so. However, as a company we will form agreements in order to reimburse them with a specified percentage per each Kiwi-Pooler customer they carpool with. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 20 5. Business Operations To enable us to deliver our services, we will utilize multiple teams, agreements and strategies as discussed below. The teams as outlined below will be known as departments in the companys organization structure. 5.1 People & Their Skills I. Information & Technology Team A team of highly skilled individuals in the IT Information and Technology industry, will be employed to develop, implement and monitor the companys web and mobile application services. Additionally, the team will further be responsible for keeping the companies system safe from internal or external harm. II. Accounting & Finance Team To manage the companys accounts and financial related matters, a team of skilled individuals will be employed to carry out the related tasks. Furthermore, the team will be responsible for providing financial advice in relation to the companys current and future operation. III. Marketing & Sales Team To ensure our company is well marketed and our services are bought, we will employ a compact team of inspired marketing and sales individuals. Their ideas will be utilized to market our company and ensure we meet sales targets. IV. Automotive Team As the company will invest in hybrid and full electric vehicles, a team of highly skilled automotive technicians will be employed. The team will be led by a senior individual with both management and automotive skills. The leader and his team will be responsible for maintaining the vehicles and providing assistance where faults occur such as mechanical faults or minor accidents. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 21 V. Customer Representatives Team To ensure our customers needs and complaints are dealt with, we will employ a compact team of customer representatives to provide customer related service. VI. Security Team A team of individuals focusing on physical security matters will be employed to provide services where security issues may arise, such as disagreements between customers during a commute or an external individual who wants cause harm to our customers. VII. Research & Development Team As outlined on section 4.3.2 and on our company values, we will publically develop projects that will be implemented in the future. With that said, a team of talented and innovative individuals will be employed to develop and later implement the companys future projects such as the Smart Solar charging station. Additionally, the team will be responsible in developing future applications and systems cooperatively with the companys information and technology team. 5.2 Computing & Communication Skills & Tools 5.2.1 Computing Tools To ensure our systems and services run at their level best, we will utilize modern computers and technologies. We will source our products from reliable and recognized brands such as HP, DELL and Microsoft. Additionally, we will compare products from multiple brands and suppliers in order to select the best product applicable to us as company and the services we offer. Furthermore, where necessary the company will organize training for staff members in the information and technology department when implementing new software or systems. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 22 5.2.2 Communication Skills & Tools At Kiwi-Poolers we will utilize a fluid communication media to ensure our staff members can communicate with fellow employees effectively. The electronic communication service will be unique to us as a company and only accessible to us. We will further make use of generic communication tools such as Skype, Gmail and Outlook. Furthermore, the company will provide communication skills training to our employees across all departments. The training will ensure our employees communicate among themselves professionally and information is shared effectively. 5.3 Contracts 5.3.1 Giltrap Nissan We will formulate an agreement with Giltrap Nissan to supply us with a specific amount of Nissan Leafs Nissans full electric vehicle. The agreement will provide Giltrap Nissan with a specified percentage of shares in the company to which will be reinstated to the company upon completion of payments to Giltrap Nissan with interest on the value of vehicles provided. 5.3.2 Auckland City Toyota As with Giltrap Nissan, we further form an agreement with Auckland City Toyota to supply us with a specified amount of Toyota Priuses Toyotas Hybrid Vehicle. The agreement will be formulated in similar business manner to the agreement with Giltrap Nissan. 5.4 Premises The company will be stationed on the outskirts of Aucklands city central on a size of land not exceeding half a hectare. The space will be important in order to have adequate parking spaces for the company owned and operated vehicles. In the future, the company will organize in acquiring the land as an asset and to reduce running costs. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 23 6. Knowledge Management At Kiwi-Poolers we will utilize Explicit and Tacit knowledge in order to effectively share knowledge and content among employees for the benefit our customers. To manage both these knowledge forms, multiple strategies will be utilized as discussed below. 6.1 Explicit Knowledge Management I. Technical Manuals We will develop technical guide lines for each respective department that will be available for access to employees in that specific department. Additional guidelines will be developed to be accessed and utilized across the whole company. II. Cloud Storage Vital and useful information will be stored online through the companies systems, to be accessed by our employees. Furthermore, the information stored online will be regularly updated where necessary. III. Post Project Assessments With every completion of a project, an analysis will be conducted with respective staff members. The purpose of this assessment is to collect and store useful information in order to provide our employees with key data and reference for current or future projects. 6.2 Tacit Knowledge Management I. Internal Training Experienced staff members will be organized to conduct regular training to their fellow employees in their respective departments. This will enable us to channel useful information to our employees for the benefit our customers. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 24 II. Social Groups The social interaction of experienced staff members with other employees will allow them to share useful knowledge and experience to their fellow colleagues. This will continue to assist us as a company to manage our knowledge for the benefit of our customers. III. Post Project Assessments As with explicit knowledge, post project assessments will be conducted with experienced staff members in order to capture useful information and skills from experienced employees. The assessments will be done hand in hand with unexperienced staff members in order to share the knowledge and skills utilized during the assessments. IV. Developing Systems, Applications & Solutions To further manage our knowledge, experienced staff members will be organized to work side by side with unexperienced staff members in focus of developing and implementing systems, applications and solutions that are utilized by the company. This will allow our unexperienced employees to learn from experienced staff members. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 25 7. Summary & Reflection Traffic congestion appears to be here to stay. Population growth has overlapped infrastructure growth and the effect is visible. Carpooling services among other services, will play a crucial role in ameliorating the way we commute in New Zealand. With that said, we believe the demand in carpooling services through Kiwi-Poolers Limited, will gradually continue to grow as traffic conditions worsen and as we await for an innovative solution. As a company competing to offer carpooling services to what one may consider a compact audience, the challenge to stay on top of our competitors will require significant effort and uniqueness. Through our structuring and service delivery techniques, I believe Kiwi-Poolers Limited can establish itself successfully and be a strong competitor to other carpooling companies. To conclude, carpooling services will continue to play an important role in easing traffic congestion throughout the congested roads of New Zealand, and Kiwi-Poolers Limited will be at the forefront for providing this service. KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 26 References Auckland. (2016). Retrieved from Auckland tech sector innovation driving IT job growth. (2015). Retrieved from -job-growth/ Carpooling. (2016). Retrieved from -business/reduce-costs-of-travel-to-work/carpooling/ Carpooling priority parking. (2016). Retrieved from -map/carpooling-priority-parking/ Chariot. (2016). Retrieved from Fox, M. (2011). Commuter hotspots revealed. Retrieved from -revealed Fyres, A. (2016). Which of New Zealands major cities has the worst traffic congestion? Retrieved from -zealands-major-cities-has-the-worst-traffic-congestion Ghosh, A. (2015). How carpooling became a hot new social trend in India. Retrieved from Lee-Woolf, H. Y. (2015). Chariot seeks up to $200,000 from crowd to launch social carpooling app modelled along Airbnb. Retrieved from -social-carpooling-app-modelled-along-airbnb Lets carpool. (2016). Retrieved from KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 27 Livingston, T., & Thomas, R. (2016). Traffic woes grow in Wellington while Auckland remains most congested city. Retrieved from n-while-Auckland-remains-most-congested-city Mead, T. (2016). Carpooling the fix to Christchurch traffic NZTA. Retrieved from nzta-2016050414#axzz48Q2XxgXT New Zealand corporate tax rate. (2015). Retrieved from New Zealand unemployment rate. (2016). Retrieved from Nichols, L. (2015). Auckland traffic worsens its just bad all the time. Retrieved from Robinson, S. (2015). Christchurchs most congested roads revealed. Retrieved from -revealed Ryan, H. (2016). Sweeping changes for taxi industry. Retrieved from 5 The minimum wage. (2016). Retrieved from TomTom traffic index 2016. (2016). Retrieved from -Index-2016-%E2%80%93-Results-In! KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 28 Tracking the habits of New Zealands internet users. (2016). Retrieved from -Users/1014006 Traffic woes drive people from Auckland. (2016). Retrieved from Wellington beats LA, London for traffic jams. (2016). Retrieved from,-london-fo r-traffic-jams KIWI-POOLERS LIMITED 29 List of Figures Figure 1. New Zealand Minimum Hourly Wage. (2015). Retrieved from Figure 2. New Zealand Unemployment Rate. (2016). Retrieved from Figure 3. New Zealand Corporate Tax Rate. (2015). Retrieved from

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