Assessment item 3 Design Phase

Assessment item 3 Design Phaseback to topValue: 19%Due Date: 24-May-2020Return Date: 16-Jun-2020Length: 2000 wordsSubmission method options: Alternative submission methodTASKback to topIn the third phase of the project, you need to perform following design activities incontinuation of the analysis activities from assignment 2.1. Design the system architecture, describing the important hardware and softwarecomponents (servers, clients etc.) and their role. Justify your design decisionsthat involve a choice of technology or choice of software components. It isstrongly recommended to draw one or more architecture diagrams to betterillustrate your designs.2. Choose two distinct use cases and draw their user interface mockups in the formof storyboards. You should conform the principles of good UI design as taught inthe subject. Storyboard diagrams should have sufficient details and annotations togive a clear idea of proposed design.3. Perform use case realization for two most important use cases from the casestudy. Choose two important use cases for the system (from assignment 2) andelaborate them using sequence diagrams.Maximum word count is 2000, excluding the diagrams.RATIONALEback to topThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to create analysis and design diagrams with UML notation. be able to compare the syntax, semantics and pragmatics of UML to determinethe best diagrams for the problem domain. be able to model various aspects of systems to construct quality diagrams for usein a system development project.MARKING CRITERIA AND STANDARDSback to top CriteriaHDDICRSystemArchitecture20 marksDetailed design isproposed containingnetwork components,software componentsand their interaction.Design takes intoaccount all FRUPSrequirements.Justifies choices withsound arguments.Detailed containsinformation on networkcomponents, softwarecomponents and theirinteraction, but some partsare ambiguous.Design considers someFRUPS requirements.Justifies choices with soundarguments.Design only explains oneof the two: networkcomponents and softwarecomponent interaction.Some justifications areprovided but they are notconvincing.A rupropinsiLittprovchoStoryboards20 marksStoryboards demonstrateconsideration of four ormore UI designprinciples.Storyboards demonstrateconsideration of at mostthree UI-design principles.Two detailed storyboardsare provided.Principles of good UIdesign ignored instoryboards.StorandORStora sinSequenceDiagrams30 marksDetailed sequencediagrams include exactmessages, parameters,returned data and theirsequencing.Diagrams also modelloops and conditionalbranching.Detailed sequence diagramsinclude exact messages,parameters, returned dataand their sequencing.Sequence diagrams arebrief but show logicalflow of the systemactivities and messagesusing accurate notations.SeqdetaincoORDetdiagonlyWriting,PresentationandReferencing5 marksAccurate grammar andspelling. Word limit ismaintained.Diagrams are neatlypresented and properlylabelled.Referencing is mainlyaccurate and accordingto the APA style. Allreferences are cited inthe text.Accurate grammar andspelling. Word limit ismaintained.Diagrams are neat but notproperly labelled..Referencing is mainlyaccurate and according tothe APA style. Most of thereferences are cited in thetext.Mostly accurate grammarand spelling. Word limitis exceeded or falls shortby more than 10%.Diagrams contain tinyharder to read text.Some attempt atreferencing andaccording to the APAstyle. Few references arecited in the text.SevspellimishorDiapooAttebutaccostanrefethe Total 75 marks, scaled down to 19% weightage in subject grade.PRESENTATIONback to topAssignment should be submitted as a single Word document.Diagrams can be created using any UML and general drawing tools. All diagrams need to beincluded in the report, with a caption and figure number. If needed, use landscape pages forlarge diagrams. Hand-drawn diagrams will not be accepted.REQUIREMENTSback to topCorrect referencing is important for your assignment. A guide to the APA style of referencingis available at:

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