Assignment 3 structure and

Assignment 3 structure and word count

Assignment 3 structure and word count The assignment brief contains a general structure and the weighting of each marking criteria. Based on this, you can easily calculate the approximate word count for each section, which is shown in below table. Please note, these are approximate word counts in relation to the overall weighting and depending on your research and relevance for the business case, you may have less in some sections and more in others. The number of words does not necessarily equal the quality of your text! Structure Weighting marks or % Approx. word count Must include following points along with other important info Introduction* 150 Objectives* 100 Profitability, market share, What is company trying to achieve and how: entrance etc. Market environment summary 10 400 PESTEL or PEST Analysis Competitor analysis 10 400 Key points of Porters Analysis, market shares, business strategies [ Present in tabular form -200 words] Take example of a particular competitor of your company and detailed explanation of that along with company [200 words]. Market readiness 5 200 SWOT SW- of the company OT-Externally oriented Opp and Threats in that market and then decide how to entre that market. Mode of entry 5 200 It could be anything such as distribution, agent, partnership, exporting, franchising. STPD 20 800 -Develop and justify STPD strategy that the company should adopt for the chosen market. S- Discuss 2 to 3 segments T- P-What do you want the product to be like in the mind of consumers and how? D-How your product is different from others and how will you proceed with it? Development of International market strategy ( 4PS of market mix -10 marks each) detailed as follows : Product strategy 10 400 Services, Business Price strategy 10 400 Payment, Price Promotion strategy 10 400 Promotion mix, communication, message, medium, country Distribution strategy (Place) 10 400 Value chain, strategies, channels, transportation and services. etc Conclusion* 150 *Report writing and referencing 10 50-60 References Economic surveys, Padlets Total 100 4000 As this is a professional report for your client, you also should add/consider the following, which are excluded from the word count: Title page make it look professional Executive summary for the manager who does not have much time and wants to know whats in the report Table of contents should be numbered (like the headings and subheadings) and have page numbers Lists of tables or figures tables and figures are great tools to present facts and information in an easy understandable way and there can add readability and depth to your report. Appendices if tables are getting too long or to present additional, more detailed information you based your discussion on, put these in an appendix. Reference list of course, Harvard referencing and only the (real) sources that you used.

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