assignment is an individual assignment

There is only one war that matters. The Great War. And it is here. Jon Snow Instructions This assignment is an individual assignment and contributes 35% of your total assessment. Students from the same tutorial class are not allowed to choose the same company. It is on a first come first serve basis. The name of the selected must be submitted to their respective tutor latest by week 5. Any changes to this requirement must have the consent of your respective tutor. Your assignment must be type written using font Times New Roman size 10, single spacing, justified alignment, 1 inch margin on one sides of each page (single-sided printing). The assignment is to be submitted as a single written report of a MAXIMUM 1,500 words. Word counts of text, excluding figures, tables, references, and appendices should be included on the title page. Plagiarism in all forms will not be tolerated. Assignment submitted will automatically be subjected to a similarity check. Marks will be deducted accordingly if the offence is committed. There must be proper referencing and citation. Harvard Referencing is a must. Citation must include, apart from the normal details, the page number from where the issue for discussion has been taken. You are to submit a MS. Word file of your assignment together with the cover page to Turnitin before Tuesday 12th May @2pm. Assignments submitted via alternative modes will not be accepted. Late submission (based on Times submission receipt) penalty is 50% for a 24-hour grace period. Assignments received beyond the 24-hour grace period will receive a zero. Kindly ensure the hard copy of the completed assignment submitted to Turnitin contains the following documents: Assignment Cover Sheet Assignment Feedback Form Completed written report References Turnitin similarity % Each assignment should not exceed 30% in its overall similarity index, which excludes bibliographies and references, with no more than 5% similarity from each individual source. If this similarity is not fulfilled, the module leader will provide adequate justifications and send the assignments to the Academic Integrity Officer for examination (with reference to Universitys Academic Integrity Procedure, clause 4.1.2). Question Ratio analysis can be used for identifying some of the issues of a firm. Indeed, Ratios draw the managements attention towards issues needing attention by evaluating a broad range of financial aspects of an entity, such as its liquidity, efficiency of operations, and profitability. You are required to select a company listed in New York Stock Exchange. Company should be selected based on your name as follows. Students NameExample of Selected CompanyBeh Soon WahName of selected Company: Baker HughesChoo Chai Leong HenryName of selected Company: Hewlett PackardWoon Nan SiongName of selected Company: National Oil Download the latest FOUR (4) years Financial Statements of the selected company. The selected company must be from the manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, trading or services sector. Do NOT select a company in banking or financial services industry. Using ratio analysis, analyze the selected companys current position. The outcome of your analysis should be identifying some strengths and weaknesses of the company, highilighting the issues you find and providing some recommendations to the companys management. In your report include the followings. a) Describe the selected companys background. b) Analyse and critically comment the company performance and trend based on the financial ratios of the selected company for the past FOUR years (Note: Please use at least THREE financial ratios for each group of ratios as mentioned below). Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company based on your analysis. i) Liquidity ii) Assets management iii) Financial Leverage iv) Profitability c) Formulate relevant recommendations to the companys management based on the results of your analysis. d) Author a reflective writing on your own work, explaining how you demonstrated self-directed learning while working on this assignment. You need to value your independent learning process in this section. Be specific and support your statements with related examples.

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