Assignment Two: Initial Research

Assignment Two: Initial Research

Assignment Two: Initial Research Final Report Component Description of Component 5-7 points for each section of the report Problem Discuss the problem that prompted the report and the specific research questions to be answered. GoToMeeting is well-organized, easy to use, and fairly affordable (Reynolds, 2013, January 1). It allows teams to gather together and conduct presentations virtually (Reynolds, 2013, January 1). It also lets attendees join the meeting without special software and without creating an account on any particular social network (Reynolds, 2013, January 1). GoToMeeting helps to contact customers on same screen as well as joining many attendees from different places into video calls rather than through a telephone line. Background Discuss background information on how the report originated and why it was authorized. Provide specifics on data sources. My professor assigned me to research the capability of GoToMeeting for use in business admin industry as a technical tool. He allowed me to take help from google search engine and mohawk college library resources. Information gathered from any source must be cited. My professor asked me to provide at least one citation from mohawk college library resources. Discussion of Findings Preview the organization of the report. Use topical arrangement. Include data to support findings. Clarify information and explain what it means in relation to the original research questions. Cost of Service: It comes with three different plans and prices, 32$/month (starter plan), 49$/month (pro), 79$/month (plus). Features: GoToMeeting is used for scheduling meetings at anytime and anyplace. It is helpful in arranging group meetings or meetings between 2 participants. It provides trial period for first 14 days. It has VoIP or toll-based options to improve audio quality for no extra cost. GoToMeeting helps answering the calls without any need of special codes. It helps in sharing up to 6 HD video feeds per periods. TheGoToMeetingapp for Android Wear allows consumers to: Experience the added convenience and simplicity of a wearable device (Citrix, 2014, October 15). Public Perception: It is easy to use, easy to ask questions and chat, easy to download, easy to navigate, and has always worked right the first time! Go to meeting is dependable and doesnt drop calls as easily as some similar products (Stephanie S.,2018, February 8). Rate of Adoption/Use: GoToMeeting has got very good adoption rate as it is integrated with google chrome, google calendar, Microsoft outlook and many more. Benefits and Gaps in Comparison to a main competitor (identify the main competitor) Its worth noting that although GoToMeeting only supports six simultaneous video feeds compared to WebExs seven, they provide higher quality (640x480p, per participant) at all product tiers (PETERSON, 2016). WebEx only offers HD (720p) for their Training Center solution (PETERSON, 2016). Recommendations Summarizes conclusions and recommendations. I would recommend GoToMeeting If you need an easy to use, easy to download, tool that will cut your travel costs in half, this is the best software to use! I have used GTM for several years, along with others like it (i.e. Zoom, skype), but Go to Meeting has the best and most user-friendly interface out of all of them (Stephanie S.,2018, February 8). I would not recommend GoToMeeting to the people who doesnt have access to high speed internet and HD cameras because it only works well if everyone has a fast connection and a good camera (Reynolds, 2013, January 13). Works Cited Follow APA style referencing. Minimum 3 references. 1 reference from Mohawk College Online Database. 2 references from the internet (Reynolds, 2013, January 13) (Stephanie S.,2018, February 8) (Citrix, 2014, October 15) (PETERSON, 2016) Works Cited Reynolds, M. (2013, January 31). How to be a GoToMeeting Power User. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from Stephanie S. (2018, February 08). Easiest webinar/conference software Ive ever used! Retrieved February 14, 2018, from Citrix (2014, October 15) GoToMeeting Available for New Android Smartwatches. Retrieved February 14, 2018, from PETERSON, A. (2016, November 09). WebEx vs. GoToMeeting: A Virtual Conferencing Software Comparison. Retrieved February 14, 2018, from

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