-Australian Migration Law assignment

-Australian Migration Law assignment

Referencing Styles : AGLC Grad Cert in Migration Law subjet 1 -Australian Migration Law assignment 2 questions for 1 case Same assignment like on your website regarding LAW. LML5000 Subject A: Australian Immigration Law & MARA TASK 1 assignment 1 QUESTION 1 Explain in plain English the implications of Australian Maritime Officers Union v Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (includes Corrigendum dated 30 March 2015) [2015] FCAFC 45 (26 March 2015) in terms of the definition of being within the migration zone as defined under the Migration Act 1958. (12 Marks) (Maximum Word Limit: 1000 words) QUESTION 2 What principles of statutory interpretations (if any) were utilized by the High Court in this case? (8 Marks) (Maximum Word Limit: 350 words) i will give you another 10 assignments in the next 5 months I will be a repeat customer if you do my FIRST assignments perfectly and I pass. Please provide confirmation of a person who is a migration agent and has studied Migration law in australia who will do my assignments. PLEASE email me with your quote and answers. Remember every 2 weeks I have assignments. Also they have provided with extra 4 reading material notes for referencing. Please advise if you want me to send you those as well via email. Thank You Donnie

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