BAA539 Strategic entrepreneurship

BAA539 Strategic entrepreneurshipAssessment 2 Pitch presentation 10am Law Group 1Group:Bony Joseph 519635Davis Baby 546587Pedro Rodrigues 511573Steffi Cardoza 526636Vidula Dharmawardana 551539Presentation summary and speech transcriptionStart-up Company 1ROBO INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITEDThe presentation was made on Prezi software, please check the link bellow for full access Title pageRobo inventions1.1 GroupBony Joseph 519635Davis Baby 546587Pedro Rodrigues 511573Steffi Cardoza 526636Vidula Dharmawardana 5515392. Company purposeDesign and build products that would ultimately be the answer to many of ourreal life problems.3. ProblemWhat type of robots can be built to deal with quarantined patients?3.1 Other considerationsHow problem currently solved by other companies?Issues dealt with problem?Why problem is important?4. SolutionA robot that monitors patients in the rooms, interact with them and move them inwheelchairs or beds to be examined (eg. collecting blood, x-ray). Additional featuresas infrared thermometers and other devices can be builtin and the robot can alsodeliver medicines (tablets and pills).4.1 Prototype HygiaHygia can handle several devices: camera and mic; Infrared thermometer;attached itself to the bed to move it and some other features can be developedaccording to customers needs.5. Resources5.1 PhysicalManufacturing facilities, buildings /warehouse and vehicles5.2 Human / TechnicalThe knowledge and expertise of owners and any additional professional thatwill need to be hire5.3 PartnersElectronics and metal manufacturing and assembling.5.4 Financial / CostThe costs of the robo are calculate according to the hardware cost, extra fittingsrequire by the customer and future scope of buying. Economic scale.6. CustomersHospitals managers and governments7. CompetitorsOther companies that could manufacture a similar robot and regular staff8. References transcription1. Title / Company purpose Steffi Cardoza (526636) [00:00:00 min]From surgeries to keeping company: The Place Of Robots In Healthcare.Hello, I am Steffi along with my group members would like to present a solution forquarantined patients.As COVID-19 spreads, we need robots to help more than ever from cleaning hospitalsto promoting public safety. This is where robotic inventions private ltd can help. with apandemic sweeping across the globe, they might be among our most useful allies.Robotic inventions private limited provide solutions for material handling in the industrialsector using autonomous co-working robots. The company works on cutting edgetechnologies in embedded systems, robotics and avionics. They Design and buildproducts that would ultimately be the answer to many of our real-life problems. Robotsare already in more than 500 hospitals around the world and that number is growing dailydue to the coronavirus outbreak. Specialized cleaner robots are more useful than everright now. They not only help hospitals reduce coronavirus transmission from surfaces,but their work also frees up staff to spend more time focusing on tasks that require ahuman element like attending to sick patients, for instance. And they also help keephospital workers who are already overwhelmed and undersupplied out of harms way.There are several key opportunities and benefits for healthcare providers and patientswhen robots become part of the services offered.Now let us know, what type of robot can be built to deal with a quarantined patient? Which will be taken up by my group.2. Problem statement Vudila Dharmawardana (551539) [02:09 min]Well, moving to the main problem statement, it is about what type of robots can be builtto deal with especially for the quarantined patients due to covid19. When we are lookingand analysing how other companies in our industry have solved this problem, we got toknow they have adopted several strategies to solve the problem. Some of the companieshave created robots to screen the patients when they are entering to the hospital.Secondly, other companies have already built robots as a mode of entertainment for thebored quarantined patients.When moving to the issues associated with the problem, we have identified few issues.The first issue is language recognition and language understanding of robots. Sometimeslanguage provides double meaning and is extremely difficult to process. The second issueis context awareness, which is ability to recognise environment and adjust accordingly.Moving on to the next point, I will be discussing why the existing solution is insufficient.When analysing the other robots, still humans must make some interaction with them inthe treatment process to quarantined patients. Therefore, still there is a risk ofcontamination. In fact, when cleaning the robots, human interaction needed and thatsrisky too.So, now I will provide the reasons that why we need to consider our problem as animportant aspect. As you will know, covid19 is very pandemic situation throughout theworld. It will be transmitted to person to person by having a close contact with each other.Therefore, especially in the healthcare sector, there is a high risk of contamination andpsychological effects such as stress. Therefore, we need to solve this problem byreducing the close contact by using the robots to monitor patients and the workload forhealthcare workers. By using the robots, it will be a great help to slow spread of the virusand it will help to save the lives of especially infants and very older population. So, due toall these reasons, it is highly important to consider our problem statement thoroughly.3. Solution Pedro Rodrigues (511573) [04:01 min]Considering all problems pointed out regarding the high risk that the doctors and nursesare daily exposed when dealing with quarantine patients. We can also add to that all theemotional load of dealing with these patients. The health care workers have to deal withhigh mental and physical stress, moral injury and other psychological issues.Thus we would like to provide a great solution for those issues, following just 2 basicpremises: First, reducing the exposure to risk; more than use protective equipment we mustavoiding unnecessary contact at any cost Second, the healthcare works have so many important tasks to do. Why notfacilitate or exclude some less important tasks, given to them more time for whatreally care.Those single actions will ultimately reduce the possibilities of outbreaks starting inhospitals.If that in mind we now proudly present to you the future of health care Hygia ( the namerefers to the Greek goddess of good health.) and this is what we are looking for. Hygia isthe state of the art solution. A robot that will monitor patients, going in the rooms andinteract with them and, why not, moving them in the wheelchairs beds or the beds. Whyhave a nurse pushing the wheelchair or a bed when a robot can safely do that. If isnecessary collect blood or a X-ray just ask the robot to move the patient to the facility. Itis much easier and we avoid contact. The doctors/nurses also can see and interact withthe patients through a camera and mic. and more deliver medicine (tablets or pills). Thiswill protect both patients and workers.Hygia can attach herself and move wheelchairs and bed safely carrying patients. She canhandle several devices: camera and mic; Infrared thermometer and some other featurescan be developed according to customers needs.Hygia, she is the future.4. Resources Bony Joseph (519635) [06:03 min]Regarding the key resources that required of our company robo inventions. The mainresources, that is physical, human, technical and financial resources. The humanresources will be related to the knowledge and expertise of owners. Physical resourcessuch as manufacturing facilities, buildings and vehicles. In the technical side, we havepeople who have electronic design skills. We have people who have software designskills. Then we have people who have mechanical plus electronics design skills. Next is,we have partnering with four companies. That is, two partners for electronicsmanufacturing and other two have for metal manufacturing and fabrication.Moreover, another important aspect of this robo invention is the financial side. Beingstart up, cost is higher than what we are selling the product. The main customers that is,we are focusing on the hospitals and government. According to this customer segment,the cost will be different than the other customers.So, this is important that taking logical decisions on how big the client is so that we canprice robot in the right manner to make our product line up scalable, more scalable. Thecost of the robo calculates according to the hardware cost, different type of extra fittingsthe customer requires, like pallete jacks etc., Type of customer & Future scope of buying,Pilot project overheads, Software cost, Development charge for Full Systems.Just as comparation here in Australia a nurse earns on average AU$ 53,032 toAU$88,146 annually. Hygia will have higher cost than that. However, she doesnt needvacation or breaks what in a final comparation could reduce the difference.5. Costumers / Competitors Davis Baby (546587) [08:21 min]Now let us have a look at the Customers and Competitors of Hygia.During COVID -19, Hygia can perform different tasks in the healthcare industry and hasbeen explained. So, our target customers are governments and hospital managements.As per the records from AIHW, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare for the period of2017-18 there are 1350 hospitals all over Australia and 693 falls under public sector andrest in private sector.The country holds an average of 2.5 beds per 1000 population. As per the 2019 censusdata, Australia has a population of over 25 million which implies one million beds inhospitals is required to meet the government standards. This is a good number for ourcompany.The Australian Government provides 41% of public hospital funding and 24% of privatehospital funding. And every year the government is spending more than $71 billion in thehealth care industry with about 62% of which is spent on salaries, wages andsuperannuation.Nationally, 378,000 full-time equivalent staff are employed in public hospital services inwhich 42% are Nurses. Here we can see the importance of Hygia.As per our estimation a single Hygia can take care of 100 beds in a floor that is 1 Hygiaper 100 beds. So, we can have a sale of 10000 robots in Australian hospitals. By this ourcompany can go beyond the break-even point.Talking of our competitors, they are other robot manufacturing companies such as Ottomotors, MI robots, and Clearpath robots. As of now, these companies do not have a stateof art technology what we have in the healthcare sector. Hygia can benefit the health careworkers as they can treat their patients with zero contact during this pandemic period.That is all about customers and competitors. Thank you.

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