BFF3121 Investments and Portfolio Management

BFF3121 Investments and Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Investment Project Guidelines for the ReportThis document provides some guidelines for the structure of your report. However, there is no need for youto strictly adhere to the structure presented below. You are free to implement your innovative presentationskills/ideas in preparing the report. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the instructionsprovided for the portfolio project.Your report can be structured as follows: The first page of the report should contain a letter to your manager. Remember, your report shouldbe written to your boss as a report on your performance over the seven weeks. The second page of your report is the title page. The third page of your report is the table of contents. Next five pages contain the performance analyses. (Note: The five-page limit applies only to thissection. In other words, the letter to manager, title page and the content page are excludedfrom the five-page limit condition.) Some important sections of the performance analysis mayinclude the following:Introduction: Provide a brief introduction to your project. Briefly explain what you did, what is theoutcome and what contains in the remainder of the report.Portfolio strategy and outcome: Explain the investment concepts you used in you buy, sell andhold transactions/decisions, other domestic/global circumstances considered in these decisions, andpresent and explain end of the trading week values for the portfolio (from week 0 to week 7) in agraph. Better if you present the values of some indices as well in the same graph for comparisonpurpose.Note: You need to attach a printout of the seven-week trading summary obtained from yourInvestopedia trading account as an appendix and refer to it in this section.Portfolio return and descriptive statistics: Present the following from week 0 to week 7 in a tableand discus them: portfolio value at the end of each week; MSCI index (and any other index) valueat the end of each week; risk free rate; weekly returns for the portfolio and indices; and monthlyreturns for the risk-free rate, portfolio, and indices. Additionally, present and discuss the following:arithmetic average and standard deviation of monthly portfolio returns; arithmetic average andstandard deviation of monthly MSCI (other index) returns; geometric mean of the monthly portfolioreturns; and geometric mean of the monthly MSCI (other indices) returns.Portfolio performance relative to total risk: Present and discuss portfolio performance measuresbased on the total risk. Remember to compare with the market and to present CML.Portfolio performance relative to market risk: Present and discuss portfolio performancemeasures based on the market risk. Remember to compare with the market and to present SML.Conclusion: This section concludes your report. Appendices: If you attach any appendices, remember to refer to them in the report. References: Cite any references used following a standard referencing style.

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