BizOps Enterprises is committed

Work health and safety policy Aspire Training & Consulting Page 1 of 2 Document date: April 2015 BizOps Enterprises is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of its workers in accordance with its legislative obligation. Prompt attention to unhealthy or dangerous situations is a demonstration of this commitment. All workers have a responsibility for work health and safety (WHS) in the workplace. Training in and communication of health and safety practices and procedures will be provided to all workers. The WHS Officer at BizOps Enterprises is Dmitri Lavrov. Health and safety representatives will be appointed according to state/territory legislation. Health and safety representatives shall have the authority divested by state legislation. BizOps is committed to regular consultation about WHS with staff and their representatives and, where necessary, with contractors and suppliers of equipment and services, to ensure that workplace health and safety management is of the highest standard. BizOps has a comprehensive range of strategies and programs available to staff to support their health, safety and wellbeing and the return to work of ill or injured staff, including ensuring training and instruction is provided to staff commensurate with their roles and responsibilities to enable them to comply with this policy. First-aid attendant Workers shall be invited by the Managing director: Business operations to undertake the role of first-aid attendants. Workers have the right to refuse. Selected workers shall be required to obtain the relevant first-aid certificate to perform the role of first-aid attendants. The company will arrange this. First-aid kits shall be supplied and maintained. The kits shall be kept in a secure place that is accessible in times of need. Emergency evacuation procedure An emergency evacuation procedure shall be developed by consultation between health and safety representatives and the department managers and in conjunction with relevant managing directors. Workers shall abide this emergency procedure. The emergency procedure shall be applied from time to time so as to ascertain its effectiveness. WHS audit Regular WHS audits shall be conducted to identify potential hazards. These audits are to take place at least annually, with additional audits to be scheduled if there are office/site restructures. The results of the audit shall form the basis of the WHS strategy. Actions arising from the audit shall be recorded in the audit file and reported to the Managing director: Business operations. Work health and safety policy Aspire Training & Consulting Page 2 of 2 Document date: April 2015 Reporting of safety hazards/defects Safety hazards/defects are to be reported to the workers immediate manager. That manager is responsible for preparing a preliminary report and forwarding it to the Managing director: Business operations for appropriate action. Reporting of incidents Incidents are defined as any event that causes injury, potential injury or may be classified as a near miss. All incidents shall be recorded in the WHS issue register, which must be readily accessible. This procedure does not supersede any requirements under the workers compensation legislation in any state or territory for workers to complete an accident report. Smoke-free In recognition of its duty to provide a safe and healthy environment for its workers and visitors, BizOps designates its workplace as a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted in any of the offices, corridors, lifts, lobbies, stairwells or toilets of any BizOps work environments.

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