Botanix Studio Caf is facing a decline

Caf Proposal Project Summary Botanix Studio Caf is facing a decline in customer satisfaction for the last year. A wide customer surveys were undertaken for the sake of improving the service. Analysis shows that the caf is not up-to-date in terms of modern customer service, a key contributor to this decline. Market research that was previously demonstrated over the last year shows that our conventional processes or procedures cannot compete in market which threaten our sustainability. Main Strategy Our main strategy is to implement Enterprise Resource Planning. This strategy enables us to increase customer service through focusing on customer journey and experience leading to customer retention and increasing sales and popularity of caf. Deliverables Schedule The deliverable Schedule starts on 10 October 2018 ending after nine months on 10 June 2019. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Deliverables 10-Oct 10-Nov 10-Dec 10- Jan 10- Feb 10- Mar 10- Apr 10- May 10- Jun Develop Application Branding Change Assessment Branding Proposal Branding Management Approval Brand Strategy Development Plan implementation Interior design Website rebrand marketing Staff Involvement & Continuous Training Payment Schedule The Overall Budget is $110,000 App development: $20,000 Interior: $50,000 Marketing: $40,000 Sub-Contractors Subcontractor Role Brand Alchemy Brand Strategy Development Plan implementation Interior design Website rebrand marketing TechWize Solutions App Build Representatives Client representative (Client Management) Supplier Representative (Supplier Management) Our Team Michael Rufa (Senior Manager of TechWize Solutions) Roni Dawood (Business relationship Manager of Brand Alchemy) Sub-Sections Risks and Assumptions The major risks are summarised in the following: Cost Risk: increasing of the costs due to inaccurate cost estimates and forecasts. Technical risk: Technical problems with the project management tools themselves. Schedule risk: Unexpected delays Schedule risk Team Readiness Technical risk Cost risk Team Readiness to new changes Stakeholders Management Customers Sub-contractors Employees/ Team member of Caf Communication Channels Regular meetings Emails Social media

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