Building on the research

Building on the research you have

ASSIGNMENT QUESTION Building on the research you have conducted in the interim coursework, you are required to apply the SOSTAC model to the marketing strategy currently being used by the high street fashion retailer you researched in your interim. Each element of SOSTAC should be applied separately, but a holistic overview needs to also be used so that each element is integrated within the companys strategy. The emphasis of your SOSTAC should be, Macro environment in the situational analysis, Price, product and place in your tactics. 60 marks An evaluation needs to be undertaken of the effectiveness of the retailers current SOSTAC strategy. 20 marks To what extent do you believe that the current marketing strategy used by the fashion retailer in the UK market could be implemented in an international market of your choice? 20 marks Total 100 marks. N.B- It is strongly advised that you prepare an additional 500 words background related to your organisations marketing. This can be applied within the body of your assessment, but does not constitute part of the 3,000 word count. Page 3 of 3 ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Knowledge of relevant literature that would permit an understanding of affective marketing solutions. This will take the form of strategies and tactical plans that are supported by a sound information base. The ability to use creative marketing skills and knowledge in a practical and applied situation. The work should demonstrate intellectual originality and imagination. Through knowledge and understanding students need to be able to critically evaluate and give evidence of both past and current marketing management concepts and theories and critically appraise the way in which marketing theory relates to marketing practice. Points to consider: A range of research needs to be undertaken Students need to base their response on an application of the SOSTAC model. Each element needs to be applied and analysed. Emphasis on the macro environment and on the ps, not used in the interim coursework. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the current strategy needs to be made. An evaluation of the extent that the current marketing strategy used by the fashion retailer in the UK could be adapted to suit an international market of your choice.

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