Business Ethics and social responsibility

PIA GBU 200 Business Ethics and social responsibility Major Assignment T3, 2018 Total marks 45 15 marks for presentation 30 marks for report Weight for subject !5% Due Date week 10 Presentations to commence in week 10 Required You are required to undertake a research report in relation to one of the following cases; Enron ABC Learning Global Financial Case Ford Pinto Case Royal Commission into Banking A case of the students choosing subject to lecturers approval beforehand Report The report which should be 1,500 words, should analyse and provide answers to the following questions; Who are the stakeholders in the case? What are the ethical issues raised in the case? Who where the persons responsible for ethical decisions you identified in the case How do you think this type of behaviour effected the brand of the organisation? What would you do in this situation? Structure of report The suggested structure of the report is as follows: Introduction a brief introduction of the case approximately 400 words Analysis -identification of key issues to the case and provide answers to requirements a, b and c Above 800 word Conclusion answer to d above 300 words Marking Guide Report Format 5marks Grammar and Spelling 5 marks Development of analysis 5 marks Answers to questions Question a 5 marks Question B 10 marks Question C 10 marks Question D 15 marks Question E 5 marks Total 60 marks

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