Business Responsibility and Sustainability

Referencing Styles : Open The focus of this assignment is the critical evaluation of business responsibility and sustainability related topics. Your task is to select ONE of the following topics and write a critical essay of 2,000 words (maximum word limit will be + 10% of 2000 words). Topics 1. Managing CSR in global companies is complex and requires an integrated approach. Critically evaluate this statement. 2. Firms dont need a CSR strategy, they need a competitive strategy that takes into account CSR. Critically evaluate this statement. 3. Why would an organisation collaborate with stakeholders in an area, in order to develop future business plans and strategy? And why not? 4. Why is stakeholder engagement regarded as important for companies tackling sustainability challenges? Critically evaluate this question. 5. What do you think will be the major sustainable development issues and problems that businesses will have to face over the next decade? Critically evaluate this question. After you have selected the topic which you want to review you need to do the following: Critically review its conceptualisation by using related academic and practitioner literature. Discuss the practice-based implications of the selected topic for the operations of business organisations here are some lecture notes. and please tell me which question you select, thanks. 192939_357957558_BHS0032_Tutorial_01_UL.pptx192940_1138911730_BHS0032_Tutorial_02_UL.pptx192941_1455003114_BHS0032_Tutorial_03_UL.pptx192942_2033654875_BHS0032_W1_2014_15_EB.pptx192943_1100638806_BHS0032_W2_2014_15_EB(1).pptx192944_1248089711_BHS0032_W3_2014_15_EB_UL.pptx192945_763214042_BHS0032_W4_2014_15_EB_UL.pptx Have you started yet? Which topic did you select ?

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