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Can you make sure you choose one of the Caribbean countries for the assignment, please) You are a Business Entrepren****** and you are hired by a team of foreign investors who wish to launch a new Business in your hometown. As an entrepren****** you are assigned to make a market research and examine the customers demands. According to the research, you are requested to prepare a project and present it to them. Report: 1) Decide what kind of Business can be launched in your hometown and provide a short description. When it comes to starting a business, there are a lot of factors that are expected to take into consideration before going ahead to invest in any business. Among the factors that need to be considered is the size / population of the city town you indent to launch the business, the level of competitions you are going to face and the availability of the market demand for your services or product. 2) Methodology: Visit the marketplace of your town and conduct a short research gathering data from 5-10 customers randomly (Quantitative Research). Prepare a questionnaire of 8-10 close-ended questions. The research will help you decide what kind of business you are going to propose to the investors. Make sure you include the questionnaire as appendix. Do not forget to use APA Referencing System.

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