Capture five major points of from the article & use APA

Capture five major points of from the article and use APA to acknowledge this is captured or copied by (authors last name, date)Write a short paragraph explaining why you think this article interest you as IntroductionSummary: Write your conclusion of what you have learned from the articleList the title and author of the articleReference put the article reference in APA format Under the label introduction write the introduction in your own words of about a paragraph see the example assignment postedNow copy directly any two or three sentences from the article. Put parenthesis before and after the copied sentences and the author (last name, first name initial) or paragraph. See the example posted in the assignment.Now write a few words of your own related to the copied information. See the example posted in the assignmentRepeat step 13 four more timesType in Conclusion Heading and under that write a one-paragraph conclusion in your own words.Type a Reference heading on the right hands side of the article you will see a button Cite, click on this and copy the reference and post it under the Reference Heading

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