Case Study: Social Media Project

Case Study: Social Media Project For the Social Media Project, youre putting into practice everything weve covered this week. You must compose an informal report for your boss about social media using primary and secondary research. Instructions Choose the organization that you and Carlton work for: select an organization, for example, business, government agency (for example, municipality or government ministry), or Non-Government Organization (NGO) that interests you and uses at least 3 social media applications. Write an informal memo report to Carlton Pierre: review 3 social media applications used by the organization you have chosen explain what each social media app is before describing how it is being used by the organization based on the feedback from the Workshop, restate the key points from the article at the beginning of the report and use them as the basis for analysing how the company is using Social Media You can use the Social Media Project Outline Template and this guide to help you get started with your informal report. Submit your completed document to the Social Media Project submission folder by the due date indicated on the Instructional Plan. Scenario photo of the boss Your boss, Carlton Pierre, has just read the summary of the article about social media and business (from the Workshop). Carlton reconfirms that he doesnt know much about social media, or your organizations use of it, but after seeing this article and reading the summary, he wants to make sure the organization is using social media according to how the article says it should be. He wants you to review the companys social media sites and send him a report on how we are currently using Social Media compared to the article. Tips The article provides some real life best practices and examples of how social media is currently being used by different businesses. The focus of the Social Media Project is to verify the key facts from this article and determine, through your own primary research, whether they apply to the situation you are trying to address, which in this case is the social media efforts of the company of your choice. The assignment allows you to choose which organizations social media presence you would like to analyse. Requirements Use report structure and design strategies to organize your findings into the appropriate headings and sub-headings in each part of the report. Use 12 point Calibri or Arial font and 1.15 spacing for the text. Use block format, which has paragraphs flush left with a space between paragraphs and headings.

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