Chapter 4 Discussion

Chapter 4 Discussion

Read the Apply your knowledge on page 86 ‘What Would You do?”

Which Offer? You will graduate from college in several months and are planning a career in public relations. After several interviews, you receive two job offers. One is from a high-technology company that develops and sells electronics and specializes in mobile technologies. The corporate communications department has approximately 20 professionals, and it is customary for beginners to start in employee publications or product publicity. Later, with more experience, you might be assigned to do marketing communications for a product group or work in a specialized area such as investor relations, governmental affairs, or even community relations. The second job offer is from a local office of a large, national public relations firm. You would be- gin as an assistant account executive and work on several accounts, including a chain of fast-food restaurants and an insurance company. The jobs pay about the same, but the corporation offers better insurance and medical plans.

Taking into consideration the pros and cons of working for public relations firms versus corporations, decide which job would best fit your abilities and preferences. Explain your reasons to your classmates using the discussion board.

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