Choose an application of Big Data in one of the following

In this assessment, you are required to choose an application of Big Data in one of the following industries: Healthcare, Insurance, Retailing, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Travel. You will develop a strategy document for the business application of your choice and deliver a presentation based on this strategy document. In the first step, you will come up with a targeted business strategy. You will then break down the business strategy into associate key business initiatives, followed by outcomes and critical success factors to support those business initiatives. Afterwards you will identify the specific tasks that need to be executed to support the targeted business initiatives. Next you will identify the data sources required to support the business initiatives. Once you have completed the strategy document, you will turn the strategies into actions by identifying the advanced data analytics and business intelligence requirements. You will also specify how these data will be collected, transformed, stored and analysed to gain actionable insights to help your business initiatives. The process of creating the strategy document, and turning those strategies into actions and the outcomes of the process should be clearly illustrated in your presentation. The presentation will start from week 9 and continue till week 12. The mode and time of presentation for DISTANCE students will be determined by the Unit Coordinator.

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