CMP73001 Cybersecurity Management

CMP73001Cybersecurity ManagementSetting up a pentest labLab Task: Using Oracle VM VirtualBoxTask 1: Software DownloadPlease note that there is over 4.4GB of software to download in building our pentesting lab. Pleasefollow the links to download.1. Download Virtual Box here: Download 7-zip:3. Kali Linux Oracle VM VirtualBox VM (3.8GB) VM VirtualBoximage-4. Metasploitable (0.83GB) 2: Metasploitable using 7-Zip (or other extraction software). Please make a note of the locations where you extract the files to. (I moved the downloadedfiles to the desktop and then unzipped them to a folder with the same name as per theimage below).download/Task 3: Opening Kali Linux in Oracle VM VirtualBox Open Oracle VM VirtualBox and select File/Import Appliance. Navigate to the downloaded Kali Linux file using the folder icon. There is the option to choosewhich folder to import the virtual appliance to. Select Import (This may take some time). Right-click Metasploitable and select Settings or select the Settings icon. Choose Network and ensure Adapter 1 is set to NAT as per the image below. Select OKwhen done. You may also need to consider setting adapters to host only when we beginsome port scanning activities. Start Kali Linux.Default Kali Linux Login Credentials. Please note that a recording will show you how to alsoestablish a root account in Kali.Username kaliPassword kali Kali Linux may be displayed as a small box on the screen. By maximising and unmaximizing the Welcome to Kali Linux!Task 4: Opening Metasploitable in Oracle VM VirtualBox Open a new version of Oracle VM VirtualBox Player by right-clicking the icon and selectingOpen.screen it should resize to the correct resolution. Complete the details as per the image below (the Machine Folder can be of your own choice)and select next.The memory size can be left as the default of 1024MB. Select next. Select Machine/New. Choose the option Use an existing virtual hard disk file and select the folder icon.Select Add as per the image below. Navigate to the extracted Metasploitable folder and click through the folders until you findthe file Metasploitable as per the image below. Select open.Select Choose.Right-click Metasploitable and select Settings or select the Settings icon. Select Create. Choose Network and ensure Adapter 1 is set to NAT as per the image below. Select OKwhen done.Metasploitable Login Credentials. Start Metasploitable.Username msfadminPassword msfadmin Metasploitable should now be running.Determine the IP address of Metasploitable Enter the command ifconfig at the command prompt.ifconfig stands for interface configuration. It is used to view and change the configurationof the network interfaces on your system. Take note of the IP address linked with eth0. (In this example the IP address is your IP address will most likely be different). The output should be similar to the following:Testing Connectivity of your Virtual Pentesting LabTerminal Icon Navigate to Kali Linux and open a terminal (If you have closed Kali Linux then ensure you opena fresh instance of VMWare or Oracle VM VirtualBox by right-clicking the icon and selectingopen). Enter the command ping (use the IP address derived from Determine the IPaddress of Metasploitable). The result should be similar to the image below. To stop the ping command, use CTRL-C. Congratulations! Your pentesting lab is now built! In the next tutorial we will start using KaliLinux to complete reconnaissance exercises on our target Metasploitable machine.Update Kali LinuxPlease note this may take some time (up to an hour) so please complete this task out with the tutorial.This task will ensure that Kali Linux and all associated software is fully updated.Terminal Icon Open a new terminal and enter the command apt update && apt full-upgradeapt updateUpdates the list of available packages and their versions, but it does notinstall or upgrade any packages.apt full-upgrade Updates all packages for which new versions are available and installsthe necessary dependencies and remove the interfering packages.Additional ReadingKali Linux Revealed Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution.

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