CO4820 Critical Analysis

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL LANCASHIRESCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES & ENGINEERINGEXAMINATIONMODULE CODE: CO4820MODULE TITLE: Critical AnalysisMODULE TUTOR: Janet C ReadSEMESTER 3, 2019-2020Instructions to Candidates:Answer ALL questions from Section AAnswer ALL questions from Section BAdditional Materials: NoneTime Allowed: 2.5 hoursDate: 22/05/2020 Time: 14:00Venue: UCLan PrestonSection A 60 marksIn the multiple choice questions below, choose only one answer:1. Which of these descriptions BEST describes what is meant by academic research?a. Searching the Internet for articles and writing a literature reviewb. Carrying out an experiment and writing it up in a paperc. Looking at data and forming conclusionsd. Answering a research question using a recognised method of inquiry andreporting the results in a standard way2. The abstract of an academic paper should containa. Information about the research doneb. The name of the authors of the paperc. The name of the journal that the work is being published ind. All of the above3. Which of the following is NOT a hypothesis?a. It will rain tomorrowb. Do people trust apps made by the governmentc. Mozilla is faster than Internet Explorerd. Texting while standing is less error prone than texting while walking4. Which of the following reasons is NOT a good reason to carry out a literaturereview?a. To locate a specific paper with a known title and authorb. To find out if someone has done the work you are planning to doc. To discover what methods others have used in doing similar research to yourownd. To find out what has not been studied in a given area5. One of these suggested studies needs an ethics review which is it?a. A study of the speed with which images transmit in Internet Explorerb. A review of literature about children and technologyc. An experiment to test speed of texting while sitting and standingd. A survey of school students asking about their privacy settings on theirlaptops6. An ANOVA test can appropriately be used on which data?a. Any data that is represented by numbersb. Data that is normal and parametricc. Any data that has been gathered in an experimentd. Data that has been coded by at least two coders7. In the following statement, After completing the design activity, participantsreported increased confidence in their ability to contribute (Z=-2.775, p=.006) whatcan be understood from the value for p?a. There is a significant difference foundb. There is no significant difference foundc. There is a difference found that is only accounted for by chanced. There is nothing that can be said about any difference8. The method section of an experimental academic paper is most accurately describedas the section wherea. The author writes about what happened on the dayb. The author presents the results in graphsc. The author explains the variables and the experimental set upd. The author writes about future work that could be done9. Which of the following sets of data would NOT be considered interval?a. Ages of participants in a studyb. Transmission rates in bits per second (bps)c. Ratings given for modules from 1 (didnt like) to 5 (loved)d. Number of phones per household10. For the set of numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 6, which of the following statements isWRONGa. The mean of the numbers is 4b. The mean of the numbers is 6c. The mode of the numbers is 4d. The median of the numbers is 411. Select the sentence that needs citations.a. Climate change is an issue of increasing concern to both the developing andindustrialised worldb. The results of two recent studies suggest that the brain may have greatercapacity to repair itself than previously thoughtc. In 2020 coronavirus COVID-19 was declared a pandemicd. To investigate our hypothesis, we ran an independent-samples t-test12. In a study you ask participants to enter multi-tap text first and then predictive texton the same phone. What kind of variable is the order in which they do actions?a. A dependent variableb. A controlled variablec. A confounding variabled. An independent variable13. What is an ethical dilemma?a. An ethical dilemma is conflict between different principles of moral conductb. An ethical dilemma is agreement of the different principles of moral conductc. An ethical dilemma is agreement of the different principles of immoralconductd. An ethical dilemma is conflict between the different principles of immoralconduct14. Look at the reference below. What does the term Human Factors? refer to?Norman, D. A. and Fisher, E., Why alphabetic keyboards are not easy to use:Keyboard layout doesnt much matter, Human Factors, 24, 1982, 509-519.a. The Article titleb. The Journal namec. The Book title.d. The Chapter title.15. Which of the following is NOT a core ingredient of a research paper?a. Referencesb. Research planc. Research methodsd. None of the above16. What is confirmation bias?a. When our results confirm that the hypothesis is trueb. When our results focus only on true evidencec. When our results confirm that the hypothesis is wrongd. When our results focus only on evidence in favour of our hypothesis17. What is the first thing to do when planning an experiment?a. Allocate samples to different experimental conditionsb. Select samples from known populationsc. Define a hypothesisd. Split groups to control versus experimental group18. A deductive theory is one that:a. Allows theory to emerge out of the datab. Involves testing an explicitly defined hypothesisc. Allows for findings to feed back into the stock of knowledged. Uses qualitative methods whenever possible19. Which of the following is NOT an ethical issue?a. Intrusiveness of data collectionb. Emotional vulnerabilityc. Order of testing of variablesd. Power asymmetries20. A characteristic of pseudoscience is thata. It changes with new evidenceb. It starts with a conclusion, then works backwards to confirmc. It embraces criticismd. It follows the evidence wherever it leadsThe next five questions relate to this scenarioIn a research study, 10 children came to the lab and used either a pen or a tablet to writesome words about their holidays. The children were split in two groups. The researchersmeasured how many words they wrote and the time taken to derive an EFFORT score whichwas:

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