Collective bargaining classification are into three (3)

AssignmentCollective bargaining classification are into three (3) connotations of Mandatory, Permissive and illegal. How is mandatory different from permissive?Section 97 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651), enjoins parties to the negotiation of a collective bargaining to negotiate in good faith and make every reasonable effort to reach an agreement. The section goes further to explain the Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith between or among the parties in four (4) subsections. Sub-section two (2) of this clause states the purpose of subsection (1), either party to the negotiation shall make available to the other party information relevant to the subject matter of the negotiation What in your view is the essence of this clause entreating members to a negotiation to make available to other party information relevant to the negotiation?In Ghana, the Pension Act 2008 (Act 766) enjoins all formal sector employees to contribute to pension in a mandatory form into SSNIT for both their future lump sum pension benefits or monthly allowance. Which category of employees are exempted from this Pension Act order and indicate how these exempted entities draw their pension benefitsIt is said a rational employer stops employment where the Marginal Revenue Product of Labour (MRPL) and the Marginal Cost of Labour (MCL) of the worker equal. What explanation can you ascribe to this statement?One of features of Collective Bargaining process is a binding agreement? Why is this so?Collective bargaining operates at three levels of:NationalSector or industryCompany/enterpriseDemonstrate how each operatePerquisites are offered to retain competent executives and employees. What is perquisite?In developing a compensation package for employees so as to allow for effective collective bargaining and negotiation process, there must exist condition precedent as job analysis. This job analysis leads to two results of job description and job specification. What is the difference?The three (3) service providers established to work under the new pension reforms of 2008 Act 766 are Trustees, Fund Managers and Custodians. Explain what each perform and establish their links in the performance of the pension activities in GhanaEvery collective bargaining agreement must result in aa collective bargaining certificate. Who is responsible for the issuance of such certificate?Explain the term a standing negotiating committee as pertains in section 101 of the Labour Act 2003, (Act 651)Section 107 of the Labour Act 2003, (Act 651) talks about the duration of a collective bargaining agreement. Our studies in collective bargaining indicated that a typical collective agreement in Ghana is for an average period of two years. Is this term sacrosanct?For negotiation to take in work environment, the bipartite members must select their representatives of which these members of the negotiating team must clearly define the following:Initial offer/demandResistance pointAspiration pointThe bargaining mixBargaining zoneNegotiation and bargaining are the term same but differ in application. Explain how they relateBesides the four (4) main approaches to negotiations are attitudinal restructuring and intra organizational bargaining. What are their purposes?The concept of the 1992 Constitutions article 71 holders is scratch my back and I scratch yours between the executive and the legislature. Why is this so?The expenditure charged on the Consolidated Fund, shall be determined by the President after legislative approval. What then is this concept called consolidated fund?Collective bargaining process is always a bipartite approach. What then is this bipartite approach and under what circumstances can it change to tripartite?What is informal minimum wage?Explain the term shop steward as related to negotiations

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