Competitive Review

Competitive Review [Identify the market segment in the new market you will target and key competitors.] Market Entry Strategy [Identify and briefly justify the scale of the strategic commitment to the new market (e.g. licensing, franchising, joint venture establishing wholly owned subsidiary, acquisition)] Positioning [Definition of the specific identity of a product or service as a result of a distinctive feature. Make sure you clarify whether the positioning will be the same in the new market as it is in Britain.] Marketing Objectives [Objectives should be achievable and defined in specific terms so management can measure progress and, if needed, take corrective action to stay on track.] Marketing Strategy [Overriding business goals and how to achieve them. The company decides which customers it will serve (segmentation and targeting) and how it will serve them (differentiation and positioning). Make sure you eleborate whether you will introduce a standardised or adapted marketing mix and communication in the new market and why, building on your environmental analysis above 1. Target Market [Demographics, psychographics, media habits] Product Pricing Promotion Place Word count (exc. tables): [

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