Conduct an environmental scan

Conduct an environmental scan (PESTLE

Assignment 1: Conduct an environmental scan (PESTLE) of the CENTRE FOR OBESITY, DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES, THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY (Design and build by Multiplex) Resources: Drawings, Request for Tender, Assignment presentation in class. Only you are permitted to use or see these drawings and documents. Please respect this act of goodwill by Multiplex. After submitting an expression of interest (EOI) you have been shortlisted for the project and asked for a detailed proposal. You have been provided with a preliminary design and given the attached documentation. At some point in the future your companys detailed proposal will be assessed on the following criteria: Experience in successfully designing, constructing, financing, maintaining and operating the building. Experienceinbeingabletodelivertheprojectontimeandtobudgetandtodesired quality. Financialcapacitytomeetcontractualobligations. Innovative approach and satisfying of all specifications, technical feasibility and quality requirements. Communityandotherbenefits. Understanding of the risks associated with the project and effective strategies to mitigate them. You have been given responsibility to deal with point 6 of the tender (Risk management). Your task is to undertake an initial environmental scan of the project (sometimes called a PESTLE analysis Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Legal, Environmental). You must assume the position of the contractor tendering for this project. Environmental scans are normally used as preparation for a more detailed analysis (your second assessment) and are presented in the form of a general report which does not go to the detail of measuring the level of risk through detailed numerical analysis. Its really an initial assessment of how risky this project is for your business. However, you also need to look at potential opportunities since this is how you will win the project. Your task is to scan the project environment to get a broad overview of the factors that could potentially affect its success (risks and opportunities). This will then help you greatly in the second assessment task which is to produce a detailed assessment of risk and a management strategy to mitigate it. This will involve understanding the project objectives, the business environment in which the project will occur and identifying wider contextual factors that may impact on the risks and opportunities for you as a contractor. This will require you to analyse factors WHICH AFFECT THE PROJECT at a state, national, local and international level, lisiting any assumptions you have made about the future and referencing any documents you have read to arrive at your conclusions. Appendix A is a simple checklist (not exhaustive) to help you think about the types of risks and opportunities you may face on the project. 5 Word limit: 2000 words max.Common problems in previous years which cause students to lose marks include: Poor referencing (quantity, quality and style) Not relating the risks to the project in question (being too general) Missing obvious risks/opportunities (not thinking deeply enough) Not backing up your risks with evidence (eg. Dont just say the regulations could change and affect our project you must say how and why and provide evidence to back this up) Speculation (dont speculate or guess back you ideas up with evidence) Making the report too wordy. Try to use tables, diagrams and bullets as far as possible. This is a business report not an essay. Hints: Read how to write effective business reports and do your research. This is a practical business report NOT an essay. I suggest using a tabular format, listing the main risks and opportunities under each heading in PESTLE and a fully referenced description against each item of why you think it is a risk or opportunity for this project. You are not expected to rate the risks or opportunities at this stage. This is done in assignment 2. Also, given the word limit for assignment 1 you will not be able to discuss all risks and opportunities. So please make sure that you only list and discuss, what you consider to be the main ones for this project and explain why. Assignments will be assessed on the basis of technical content, source materials, presentation, points made, logic of arguments, referencing and strength of conclusions. A written assignment is a means of communication. You should structure it so that it is easy for the reader to understand. Referencing is very important (see section 12 of this outline). All written work should be thoroughly referenced where appropriate. The preferred style of referencing is detailed in this outline in the section titled Guidelines to Acknowledging References in Written Work. For more details of the marking criteria, see below. Assessment criteria: Criteria Total mark Structure, grammar/spelling 5 Research (thoroughness) 25 Referencing (quality, completeness, format) 10 Coverage of risks and opportunities 50 Conclusion/recommendation 10 Total 100

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