Conformity to Masculine Norms Effects

Write an argumentative essay on the following controversial issue: How Conformity to Masculine Norms Effects Mens Willingness to Seek Psychological Help. Also address how this is related to crying in men and how it is seen as a sign of weakness (when it shouldnt be) and how this supports the topic. The essay outline is listed below (and also attached) with detailed points on how each section should be set up (you do not need to title each section of the essay). Title (must be a phrase) Central issue and claim statement (1-2 paragraphs) Introduce controversial issue Clearly and explicitly state your claim Context / Intro (2-4 paragraphs, background, why is this topic important, etc.) Provide the background/history of the controversial issue Address why the controversial issue you selected is important (why have people thought about it?) Define all key concepts as they are used in the essay Argument (6-8 paragraphs, support your argument, present and rebut counters) Provide 2 lines of support for your claim, explaining clearly how each supports your claim, and providing scholarly evidence for each Provide 2 counter claims For each counter claim provide 2 lines of support, explaining clearly how each supports the counter claim, and providing scholarly evidence for each Provide a rebuttal to each line of support provided for each of your counterclaims Conclusion (1-3 paragraphs) Restate your claim Put your claim into a larger context (e.g., the literature covered in your essay) Explain why your claim has value and importance (why does it matter?). What are the new possibilities now that your claim has been established? Acknowledge limits to your argument without under-cutting yourself. Include implications of your argument.

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