considered the earliest form

considered the earliest form of Chinese writing

Assignment: Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1. It is considered the earliest form of Chinese writing. a. Jiaguwen b. Da zhuan c. Xiao zhuan d. Li shu The stage of Chinese writing that flourished from the late Shang to the Western Chou Dynasties. a. Clerkly Script b. Greater Seal c. Lesser Seal d. Oracle Script Kaishu: basis for the traditional script; __________: direct parent of the modern unsimplified script. a. Da zhuan b. Jiaguwen c. Li shu d. Xiao zhuan Which of the following was NOT a major consideration in simplifying the Lesser Seal to Clerkly Script? for fast and more efficient script to handle state mattersfor a nicer view of the Chinese Scriptto lessen the strokes thereby yielding a more flowing style of writingto remove regional variations of Chinese Script writing This script is very similar to Li shu but slightly more cursive and it contains serif-like elements at the corners and end of strokes. a. Xiao zhuan b. Li shu c. Kai shu d. Jiaguwen 6. Which of the following is written in Xiao zhuan? a.b.c.d.7. The most cursive Chinese script is called __________.a. Caoshub. Clerkly Scriptc. Xingshu Jiaguwen: Turtle Shells; Da zhuan: __________Cast Bronze VesselsTrunk of TreesTusk of ElephantsPorcelain Jars e. d. Lishu The form of writing which was introduced in 1949 replacing the traditional Kai shu characters. a. Fantizi b. Jiantizi c. Lianci d. Pinyin 10. The basis of the Chinese National Language. a. Beihua b. Guoyu c. Hanyu d. Putonghua Assignment: Choose the appropriate greeting for the given situation. Write only the letter ofyour choice. 1.Mrs. Ling meets Mr. Chan in an unspecified time of day.A. Ni hao!B. Ni zao!2.When you meet your friend in the morning, you say:A. Xia wu hao!B. Zao shang hao!3.Mr. Uy warmly receives his visitor.A. Ni hao ma?B. Huanying!4.Tina greets her friend at a dinner party.A. Wan shang hao!B. Wan an!5.Mr. Li greets someone Merry Christmas.A. Sheng dan kuai le!B. Shengri kuai le!6.Mr. Lu responds to the gratitude of his friend.A. Bu ke qi.B. Duo xie.7.Mr. Lim wishes Miss Tan Happy Birthday.A. Xing nian Kuai le!B. Shengri kuai le!8.Saying hello to a person in authority is:A. Ni hao!B. Nin hao!9.When you accidentally thud the foot of another, you say:A. Dui bu qi.B. Xiexie ni.10. When you are late in coming to class, you say:A. Dui bu qi, wo lai wan le!B. Dui bu qi, wo bu zhidao!11. In showing gratitude, you say:A. Xiexie ni.B. Mei guanxi.12. You meet your teacher in the evening. How must you greet him?A. Laoshi, wan shang hao!B. Laoshi, zhong wu hao!13. How would you respond to an apology?A. Mei guanxi.B. Dui bu qi.14. When bidding farewell, you say:A. Zai jian!B. Qing jin!15. In welcoming someone who arrived, say:A. Ciao!B. Huanying!

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