Course Paper Critical Thinking/QEP Scoring Guide

SOC 110HM Course Paper Critical Thinking/QEP Scoring Guide Name __________________________________ Date __________ Colorblind Racism in Everyday Dialog (Film Analysis) Compute a holistic score for each element by placing check marks in the appropriate boxes, OR compute an analytic score by assigning points for each element. The scoring guide is designed to measure student ability to use critical thinking and core values in decision making. Elements Criteria Not Evident Beginning Developing Competent Purpose Clearly identifies that the main purpose is to (a) analyze how the 4 frames of colorblind racism apply to the students chosen film, and (b) make an overall assessment as to whether the chosen film exhibits colorblind racism, progressivism, a black pattern of colorblindness, or some combination thereof Perspective Effectively presents Bonilla-Silvas argument on how/why colorblind racism is damaging to society and distinguishes that from the prevailing point of view that colorblindness is the antidote to racism Evidence Supports purpose with relevant, sufficient evidence (quotations and examples from film) and effectively applies concepts (e.g., 4 frames) to those quotes using own voice Analysis Analyzes the consequences and implications for social justice/society if the pattern observed in film continues/proliferates Core Values Addresses core values of community and respect specifically and demonstrates their relevance to the assignments purpose Decision Making States the various options of decision making and chooses a solutionthis refers to the overall assessment stated in Purpose item (b) above. Clearly identifies why this choice was preferable to the others. Comments: Score: ___________

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