Crater Lakes Caravan and

CASE STUDY Crater Lakes Caravan and Camping Park Crater Lakes Caravan and Camping Park offers campers a range of accommodation options. Powered and non-powered sites are available, and newly renovated holiday cabins for those wanting some luxury. All accommodation options are available short and long-term. The cabins are self-contained with each accommodating up to 6 people and including a kitchenette, lounge, TV and DVD, toilet and shower room. Campers travel from all around and outlying areas to stay at the park and rave about the amenities and activities available. On check-in all short and long-term campers, are required to sign a register, and must provide details of the driver(s) current driver(s) license, and their vehicle(s) registration to administration staff. This takes around 5 minutes. Without a drivers license the camper cannot book into their accommodation. In addition, on check-in all campers are provided with a park map. Staff use the map to explain the locations of camping sites, cabins, laundry, toilet and shower blocks, BBQ facilities, rubbish disposal, swimming pool, mini-golf, tennis courts, and recreation room. This takes 5 minutes. All campers are provided a swipe key for access to all areas, including park entry and exit. Staff demonstrate its use. This takes around 5 minutes. Shared amenities are provided. The BBQ, toilet and shower blocks are available free to all campers. Water is included in all site and cabin costs, with all campers being able to provide their own hose and fittings or rent ($1 per day). Electricity is also included in the site and cabin costs, with all vacationers being able to provide their own power boards and cords or rent ($1 per day). The laundry is only available to those camping on powered and nonpowered sites using the swipe card. Washing machines and driers can be accessed ($2 per load). Small fridges are available for rent to campers only ($5 per day). Toilet and shower blocks are cleaned twice daily at 6:00 am and 17:00 pm. Laundrys are cleaned once daily at 18:00 pm. Each cleaning session takes contract cleaners around 30 minutes. All campers are required to dispose of their rubbish in the rubbish disposal area with park waste bins emptied daily at 17:00 pm. The rubbish pick-up and disposal takes around 45 minutes by grounds maintenance staff. After departure all powered and non-powered sites are checked, cleaned if needed, and the grass is mown by grounds maintenance staff. Sites typically require cleaning 60% of the time. Cabins are cleaned at the end of each short-term stay, and weekly for long-term campers, by contract cleaners. Cleaning of sites usually takes 5 minutes, while mowing takes 10 minutes. Cleaning of cabins takes 45 minutes. All campers are asked to adhere to the parks behaviour policy with park security guards patrolling the park at all times. A full park security round takes around 1 hour. All campers are requested to minimise noise after 21:30 pm. Visitors are required to leave the park by 21:45 pm. The gates are locked at 22:00 pm. Park security guards usually patrol the gates at lock up time for approximately 15 minutes. In the event of any serious incident security guards will to ring emergency services. Emergency services typically arrive within 15 minutes. Cabins should be kept locked when campers are out, and keys handed to administration office. Park security guards check that all empty cabins are locked, this typically takes 15 minutes. The park offers a large range of recreation and leisure facilities. A tennis court and three basketball backboards are available to all campers long and short-term. Sessions can be booked at 1-hour intervals, with a maximum of 2 in a row. All campers can borrow basketballs for free, and tennis racquets can be hired ($1 per session). All borrowed equipment must be recorded and signed out by administration staff. This takes around 5 minutes. Included in the accommodation costs for long-term campers is access to a 16m indoor heated pool with an indoor kids playroom, a large recreation room with three pool tables, and video games. Sessions can be booked at 2-hour intervals by campers. Free Internet access and a movie library is available to those staying in cabins ($5 per movie). Movies must be recorded and signed out by administration staff. This takes around 5 minutes. Movies must be returned within 24-hours. Administration staff are available 24/7 in the park office. All campers are requested to arrive around 10 minutes early to allow time to complete a confidential campers information form. The campers information is entered into a secure online database by administration staff. This takes around 10 minutes. A photograph ID is taken, this takes 5 minutes. A loyalty card is offered to long-term campers ($10). Typically, 20% of campers opt for a loyalty card. It takes around 5 minutes to complete the required paperwork. Prior to leaving, all campers are required to pay their stay fees in full to the accounts officer. Typically, this takes around 5 minutes. All campers are offered pre-booking in for their next stay. Around 80% of campers opt for pre-book. This takes around 5 minutes. Discounts are provided to long-term campers and to those with Crater Lakes loyalty cards. The long-term campers discount and loyalty card discount checks take around 5 minutes each. Fees for short-term and long-term powered, non-powered sites, and cabins are as follows: Powered (p/night) Non-Powered (p/night) Cabin (p/night) Short-Term $100 $40 $280 Long-Term $20 $10 $40

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