Create a new file and enter name and title.

Create a new file and enter name and title. Ensure the authors name and student number is entered in the appropriate field to be displayed in all print-outs and reports. 2. Fix the start of the project to your birth date next year; make sure to include this in the list of assumptions. 3. Set the environment to: 40-hour week, 5 working days per week, day starts at 9 am. Account for any non-working times and Public Holidays, as applicable to New South Wales. 4. Enter the tasks, durations and dependencies as given in Table 1 above. 5. Enter the resources (refer to Table 1, Table 2). Produce a Gantt chart and network diagram to include in your report. 6. Introduce some structure to the project by including summary tasks and milestones, for example, product design, quality, production and marketing. Refer to the lecture material and online learning module related to the work breakdown structure (WBS) and organisational breakdown structure (OBS) for further guidance on this, if needed. 7. Generate a resource histogram (resource graph) and investigate any overloads. Explore levelling options, for example, considering time-constrained and resource-constrained scenarios. What effects do these levelling options have on the project duration and cost? Produce Gantt charts before and after levelling and include in your report. 8. Product a cost report for this project, showing the breakdown by task and resource. Succinctly discuss your results.Section B Assignment Report and ProjectLibre files: You are required to submit a PDF copy of your report and relevant ProjectLibre Files, via Moodie, as follows: The report shall be a focused discussion of the issues involved, solutions proposed and lessons learnt in completing the exercise, and must demonstrate an understanding of the use of ProjectLibre, as well as its limitations. The format of your report should be of a typical technical report (using a structured layout with appropriate headings and a table of contents -include the word count on the title page of the report). It is important to state any assumptions made in setting out your solution approach, as well as in relation to the analysis and/or interpretation of results.

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