criminal justice essay

Description In your own words and thoughts and at a college level completely explain the concept of the contemporary Classical School Of Criminology. How it evolved and why over time and what studies have examined the formal and informal deterrence (must use examples to support your thoughts). Completely explain the Rational Choice Theory as well as what types of “crimes” it might explain as well as those that it does not and why (use examples). Look at Applying Theory to Crime in regards as to what the data may say and why (pages 98 and 99). Completely explain the 3 elements of Routine Activities Theory with examples as well as crime mapping and its use and the Lifestyles Perspective. Must again use examples for support and critical thinking as to which types of crime it would support as well as those that it would not and why. Look at the Green River Killer and tell me what you think and why  in regards to Criminology on page 106.

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