Criterion Description

Criterion Description

Criterion Description Task Have I addressed all elements of the task in full and well? Structure & Presentation Is the structure of my piece comprehensive and very easy to follow? Is it presented professionally and uses relevant illustrations? Is the format well suited to the stakeholder audience? Research Do I provide strong evidence from credible sources to inform discussion & back up my statements? Are the facts and research provided highly relevant to the issue and context addressed? Empathy Have I explicitly identified the full breadth of key stakeholders and addressed a variety of alternative viewpoints? Creativity Have I applied the planning and policy tools covered in this unit? Am I using them creatively and flexibly to address the specific context and problem? Writing Is the writing style clear, concise & coherent? Does the text and story flow well? Have I ensured that there are no spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes? Referencing Do the citations and reference list follow the Harvard Style exactly?

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