Critical Analysis of Marketing Approach

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The value of the vehicles means the production of cars with many preferences and flawless quality to many customers. This is the belief of the Toyota firm. Toyota was a worldwide leader in the vehicle industry while at similar time problems hit firms like torn of blinks (Crouch and Pearce 2013). Data collection techniques and tools. Data methods and gathering tools plays a crucial role in the course of plan advancement. Its important to gather essential information and asses key points. It is essential to recognise the value and measurable length of how Toyota Company will have to improve their communication an on how to improve proper relationship with its dealers in order to have the appropriate market of its product. One must find a quantifiable to get the outcomes because it depends on value and a quantity change over a giventime. The common tool that is used in vehicle industry is an amount of evaluation. IQS tool is used many times to regulate quantifiable annals as well as track the operator opinions. This tool thus can be used as well in Toyota Company(Ellis, 2006, pp.171-212). Data improve, sustenance or flowchart change When any firm using data for a process flowchart the data may change which later impact the flowchart course which means flowchart change? The vital thing is to get standard data before making any deviation and ensure worth control test measures have been implemented. Because Toyota is meant to select a process to improve their duty thats why there is a need to collect standard data before making any alteration in the group. By use of IQS study, the results taken can provide control and also those who make decisions can give the information that can help to improve the worthiness and safety concerns for customers. The chart below provides information about improved Toyota 117 problems in a 100 about 101 problems in each vehicle in 2010 (Cameron, 2009, pp.140-152). The data will provide a flow chart indicating the new process is working. The reason and the resulting diagram provides a possible root related to worth and safety, matter in areas such as systems, communication, policies, machinery, people, and beliefs. The diagram indicates a poor external message to public and poor public relationship that has led to bad status for Toyota in this situation. The standard data changes band the resulting flowchart for a needed outcome. Conclusions are made to improve the procedure and later change problem and issues. IQS chart above indicates that when the vehicle and driver compared cars from 2010 to 2011, there is an improvement from 117 problems in a given 100 cars to101 difficulties in a vehicle in 2011 (Scott 2015). Initial Quality Study: Car Ratings The top models in each segment are listed. Category Best in Category Other Top Picks Best Subcompact Toyota Yaris Honda Fit Mazda Mazda2 Best Compact Toyota Corolla Toyota Prius Honda Civic Best Compact Sport Mazda MX-5 Miata Volkswagen Eos Best Luxury Compact Sport Volvo C70 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet/Coupe Best Midsize Sport Ford Mustang Dodge Challenger Best Entry Luxury Lexus ES 350 Acura TL Lincoln MKZ Best Midsize Luxury Infiniti M Series Lincoln MKS Mercedes-Benz E-Class (sedan/wagon) Best Full-Size Luxury Lexus LS Mercedes-Benz S-Class Porsche Panamera In 2012 J.D. Powers together with associates produced its 2012first quality study. The diagram above displays the results. It shows the best subcompact Toyota Yaris, best compact Toyota Corolla, and Best Luxury Lexus LS and Lexus ES 350. Measurement approach According toRoyle and Laing (2014) Measurement approach was based on using IQS since it provides the correct method for data evaluation. The strategy is appropriate in an evaluation manner. This helps the firm to follow quality excellence and customer view. The view and the truth and significant in terms of quality standards. The firm needs to understand how their clients view each given model that they produce for quality is trending. The Toyota organisation can also put into practice this strategy of IQS for comparison. The quality between Toyota and other brands in the car industry. Toyota organisation can view at manufacturing average and try to see if they are trending either below or above the company average (Royle and Laing 2014). The company may also compare their own year over the other year. This is considerable increment when compared to their contestants or the firm itself. This shows that Toyota vehicle company organization placed emphasis as well as focus on quality improvement and the quality view from their clients and this brought about result improvement. When we look back the results obtained from the year 2010 to the year 2011 when Toyota Company was in control disaster then the results may be done comparison even up to data (Smilansky 2017). One of the approaches that were used measurement approach where data collection and the graphs tell us about Toyota view and there was a change in the year 2010 and 2011. The increment rose again in the year 2014, where the most updated introductory improved study was developed. The other computing approach used was on the basis of car rating. One of the best-rated vehicles was Toyota Yaris in the year 2012 by com. Toyota wagon and Toyota Corolla were the best compact vehicles. Statement of problem The best decision the management opted, is to lower the amount of money which was done through cost reduction and due to that effect the rate of vehicle production was affected. This techniques of capital reduction touch employee bonuses and excellence areas which may have created the management of Toyota Company has been disasters and has withheld money and employee reduction rates. This has led to production stagnation and going down to regulations. Data collection Initial data that was obtained was done by two different methods: use of the questionnaire and interview. Each of the mentioned methods narrowed down to various aspects which increased the rate of advertisement and helped to investigate about Toyota Company. Data collection gives a detailed information about how the company thrills and this helps to know the loop holes in the firm. Interview The interview aimed at understanding Toyota marketing strategy as well as their communication techniques as wee as the change of networks in a period of time. When the question was asked about the Toyota marketing tactic the answer that was given was that Toyota Company doesnt always depend on association marketing. This is due to the fact that they trust their marketing plan always reflect on their mission which is always to provide the best client experience and trades support. For Toyota to develop products that will avail to their clients satisfaction then they have to develop best client experience, understand their client needs and also support. They also trust themselves that the best products always markets itself. The advertisement using billboards is also the best way. Toyota marketing budget was also low compared to other automobile marketing budget for the reason is Toyota relies on this to sell their products. Toyota is well known in the Middle East as well as GCC. When asked about the most proficient marketing found in Saudi it was found that it was through the use of billboards which are well spread inroads in big and small cities in order to capture clients attention with the latest model vehicles (Tanwani 2016). The direct conversation was done which took advantage of body language conversation of the interviewee which gave the interviewer more indication that could be put by use of the word of mouth. An interview is a tool that is used to collect primary data. Secondary data is always found in written sources and also on the internet but easily found as it contains a lot of details. Ancient and modern information is got from the secondary data. There are other internet sources that are used to gather Toyotas company information and they include Toyota an also the use of Facebook (Tanwani2016). Questionnaire Questionnaire as a primary method of data collection was used to get individual data where members were to be straight about gender as well as their age number. It entailed information about whether they own vehicles. Questionnaire design The questionnaire was made of four major parts which were very crucial, the personal information is the first part in and consists of three questions which state the sex, age group and the last part that states whether an individual owns a vehicle or not. Part two (2) known as the brand recognition and contains the picture with Toyota logo and some few questions after it. The two questions after the logo tell how one is familiar with the logo and if the present communication strategy is making any change or not. The third part (part 3 contains two important questions and tell whether the Toyota company has reached its goals and this can be found in the clients thoughts. The very last part of it, the part four labelled as Toyota and this section tries to measure the how mindfulness of the company and this affects the decision of buying Toyota car or not buying. The questionnaire produced is made as short as possible so that many respondents may be reached. Many people will avoid filling survey when it contains many open-ended questions and thats why the questionnaires were made short as possible. The questionnaire contains seven open-ended question to see peoples interest to purchase Toyota car or to describe Toyota to a global market (Wongleedee, 2015, pp.2080-2085). Gender Males 74.4% females 25.6% Age (years) Above 18 27.9% Above 24 44.2% Above 30 11.6% About 35 16.3% Owners car owners 69.8% Non owners Those who stated to have in future 18.6% 11.6% According to Wongleedee (2015, pp.3) Suggested that places such as Saudi women are completely not allowed to drive the vehicles due to the perception that men are conversant with vehicles when compared with females and that brings about a concern in the survey to be able to see the percentage of each gender. The other important part is for brand determination where around 90.5 percent identified logos whereas 4.8 %did does not recognize .The logo. 18.6 % said they heard from the social media and around 34.9 percent heard from published media. 46.5 percent herd the information from television and the same percent saw the information from the billboards, 81.4 percent see people driving cars made by Toyota while the 7 percent said that their recognition is from other channels. Brand acknowledgment is a key thing when it comes to marketing. According to Cashman, K. (2013, 08 21) says the last part was about current Toyota recollect and the survey was done in order to evaluate the amount of alertness the Saudi clients have to Toyota world information. This tried to discover whether they had the latest information about the news of latest Toyota. This shows how good Toyota is worldly marketing communication means and how it has influenced the customers choice to buy Toyota vehicles (Tanwani2016). The results were that about 35.7 percent were familiar with the recall, 47.6 percent were not familiar with the recall, and 16.7 percent were asking what a recall was while 9.3 percent said that the recall touched their upcoming Toyota ordering choice. About 32, 6 said that they were not affected at all while 37.2 said maybe it will affect them in future and about 20.9 said that they dont know whether they will be affected or not. Secondary data Based onAlon and Prange (2016) The information given by CNN Toyota was rank eight in the global largest 500 assistance but in the year 2011 Toyota was ranked number five and according to CNN money the decrease is due to the stoppage in production as a result of latest tremor and tidal wave that blow Japan in the year 2011. Toyota has been struggling to reform its picture to the public by using different communication channel to market its own products. However, Toyota has tried to buy the American Super Bowl that advertises sports for about eight million dollars (Alonaand Vianelli 2016). Toyota is in the first line making sure that its the best of all in todays world and sober by modifying the view of being seen as becoming more efficient. Toyota is the mainstream part that tries to reach young group generation. Toyota cannot be ignored as being part of communal media and a good example is Facebook and YouTube and uses approximately above 131 million dollars on the social media advancement. According Adil, M., (2013 pp.358-373) Social media networking is not viewed as doing very well in places such as Saudi as compared to other nations where about 79% of mature people are public users, taking in mind that known public networking site, a good example includes Facebook and Twitter are known not to charge when one sets up accounts and profile pages. Toyota Company is known to hold the top honours in whats called Brandz top 100 years even if it is viewed as having low sales. It was ranked as the world largest and most appreciated product in the year 2011. Certain web links and internet services are not found in every part of the world. Facebook is not found in China (Adil, 2013 pp.358-373)There an evidence that Toyota has become more important in many communication networks for it to cover a wide area of demographics. Toyota has begun its promotion and the updates which provide good promotion and being in touch with customers. Billboards are not always found in the whole world for example in Saudi. Toyota has been recognized through printed articles such as newspapers and magazines. Advancement and apprise provide promotion and trying as much to come into close intact with their customers. The use of billboards is not always used all over the world e.g. In Saudi the printed magazines as well as newspapers then Toyota is recognized worldwide. Toyota Company should improve its marketing strategy in any means. Toyota Company is viewed as the best-known product all over the globe and this also demonstrates their success in their communication channel. They help most of the television shows and also buying the prime sports which are good methods for the company to advertise the products and always engage in the client compatibility. Television advertisement claim well scripts and plot and such scripts and plots may not be well for the nation. Based on Toyota (September 11, 2012) indicates that Toyota leadership has been in a disaster and has been making the wrong decision to secure money by reducing thousands of workers Toyota didnt take an instant action when their customers were complaining about issues with cars. Toyota impedes to improve the quality of customers in response to problems and take proper measures to prevent any future inconveniences. The value of and safety graphic chart flows shows how Toyota can implement the latest process which will later develop total quality management and empower everybody in the firm to be integrated into the process of quality management. Total quality management process has four main divisions which include to plan, to do, to check and final which include to plan, to do, to check and finally to react. Before the implementation, the flow diagram shows that the Toyota Company operates and conducts their business prior to quality process advancement .the largest emphasis is stockholder who worries about reducing costs with an intention of making profits. Quality was the least part of this robust system at a functional meeting (Morgan, 2007 pp.43-76). Toyota marketing relationship The report that was given in the year 2012 was that about 2.7 million cars all over the world in the very specific model. In the year 2012, CBC News, according to (Wijaya 2015).Some 1.51 million vehicles are being recalled for the steering defect in Japan and 1.25 million vehicles abroad. Affected models include the Prius hybrid, Corolla, Wish and other models produced from 2000 to 2011. In Japan, and from 2000 to 2009 overseas. Of those vehicles, some 620,000 spanning five hybrid models, including the Prius, have a defective water pump in addition to the steering shaft defect. Those vehicles were produced from 2001 to 2010 in Japan, and from 2003 to 2011 overseas. Another 10,000 vehicles with only a pump problem are also being recalled. When the chart is evaluated there is a small drop in the years within the same market sales. Social networks According to (Wijaya 2015) Said that there is constant growth in the social network and the number of the available social network. The advantage of this is that it makes it easy for the company to sell the product throughout the globe in the easiest way. The representation of models of communication that has aided in Toyota marketing is in the pie chart below; Despite the new reorganization, Toyota has increased its power in decision making by maintaining the global regime. This capability has resulted in more business unit and regional heads that reduce the centralized structure. All the managers give reports to headquarter in Japan. The result leads to more significant opportunities in the monitoring of employees activities by managers. According to Westwood (2016) explained that there is a need for closer guidance by the workers provides an opportunity for self-actualization hence a sense of job security (Westwood 2016). References Adil, M., 2013. Modelling effect of perceived service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction in Indian bank settings.International Journal of Services and Operations Management,15(3), pp.358-373. Alon, I., Jaffe, E., Prange, C. and Vianelli, D., 2016.Global marketing: contemporary theory, practice, and cases. Routledge. Bhandari, S., 2007. An Analysis of Toyotas Marketing Strategy. Bhardwaj, D., 2017. The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly by David Merman Scott: Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2015, 458 pp.,18-98 (paperback), ISBN: 978-81-265-6004-2. Brannen, J., 2009. Prologue: Mixed methods for novice researchers: Reflections and themes.International journal of multiple research approaches,3(1), pp.8-12. Cameron, R., 2009. A sequential mixed model research design: Design, analytical and display issues.International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches,3(2), pp.140-152. Crouch, C. and Pearce, J., 2013.Doing research in design.Bloomsbury Publishing. Crowther, D. and Lancaster, G., 2012.Research methods. Routledge Ellis, D., 1989. A behavioural approach to information retrieval system design.Journal of documentation,45(3), pp.171-212. Johnson, R.B., Onwuegbuzie, A.J. and Turner, L.A., 2007. Toward a definition of mixed methods research.Journal of mixed methods research,1(2), pp.112-133. . Morgan, D.L., 2007. Paradigms lost and pragmatism regained: Methodological implications of combining qualitative and quantitative methods.Journal of mixed methods research,1(1), pp.48-76. Rapp, W.V., 2000. Nippon Steels E-commerce and Customized Casting Strategy: An Example of Controlled Production.Association of Japanese Business Studies, Keio University, Japan. Review and proposed methods, Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology, 6, pp. 323-337. Royle, J. and Laing, A., 2014. The digital marketing skills gap: Developing a Digital Marketer Model for the communication industries.International Journal of Information Management,34(2), pp.65-73. Scott, D.M., 2015.The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly. John Wiley & Sons. Smilansky, S., 2017.Experiential marketing: A practical guide to interactive brand experiences. Kogan Page Publishers. Tanwani, G., 2016.The Nature of Successful Strategic Change Initiatives in Healthcare Organizations: A Multiple Case Study(Doctoral dissertation, Northcentral University). Westwood, J., 2016.How to write a marketing plan.Kogan Page Publishers. Wijaya, B.S., 2015. The development of hierarchy of effects model in advertising.International Research Journal of Business Studies,5(1). Wongleedee, K., 2015. Marketing mix and purchasing behavior for community products at traditional markets.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,197, pp.2080-2085.

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