Critical review, peer-reviewed

Assessment 1: Critical review, peer-reviewed journal article (600 words) OVERVIEW A skill that underpins the evidence-based practice of nutrition is the ability to critically evaluate the published literature related to nutrition. This allows nutritionists to determine the validity, reliability and credibility of information for use in their practices. This assessment task will allow you to develop and demonstrate this skill. The purpose of this task is to: Develop skills in critically evaluation the literature Develop concise academic writing skills The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is LO 1:Investigate the evidence base associated with the Australian Guide for Healthy Eating and the practical application of this across the lifespan; LO 4:Critically review and evaluate the literature on health across the lifespan, and justify their selection of scientific evidence to support nutrition solutions; LENGTH 600 words DUE DATE Session 3, 11:59pm DETAILS In session 1 you will be assigned a research paper relevant to nutrition at a specific stage in the lifespan. You will present your critique in the form of a structured report (600 words). Your report should be presented using the headings outlined in the template provided. INSTRUCTIONS Read thepaperthat you have been assigned. Download thetemplateto identify the sections of the report Draft notes by summarising the relevant aspects of the paper under the headings outlined above. Write your report using the headings in the template as a guide Edit your draft by reviewing the rubric; then edit for the development and flow of your argument Assessment Criteria and Submission Submit your assessment in theAssessment 1: Critical Review The following are the criteria used in theMarking Rubric: Clearly identify the rationale and aim of the study Assess appropriateness of methods as these address the aim and the sample population. Discuss the results and their interpretation, illustrating with examples, Consider the strengths and limitations and the potential bias that may have influenced these. Conclusion considering the appropriateness of all evidence bases and quality of the peer-reviewed article Academic writing clear coherent discussion; accurate and appropriate spelling/grammar; Appropriate Harvard referencing

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