Dawr Ly is a map-based application

SLE II Report Dawr-Ly Dawr-Ly SLE II Report Huda Al Meraikhi 212725 Maitha Al Mazrouei 212825 Shamma Al Qubaisi 212728 Osha Al Marar 212729 Table of content 1. Introduce the idea 2 2. Market size 3 2.1. Market Size and Market Target/Potential Customers 3 2.2 Potential competitors (at the national, regional and/or International Level) 4 2.3 Novelty Use of Rogers Model for adoption of innovation 4 3. Industry Environment 5 3.1 Value Chain 5 3.2. Competitive Context 6 4.1. Mission (Profit seeking vs financial venture) 7 4. Possible Business Model 7 4.2. Revenue stream (how are you going to make money) 7 4.3. Operating Business Model 8 4.4. Application of Teeces Strategy Model 9 5. Legal 10 5.1 Freedom to Operate and IP Rights 10 5.2 Business Structure 10 6. Industry Environment 11 6.1. Division of Labor 11 6.2. Skill/Experience gaps 11 7. Next step 12 Introduce the idea Dawr Ly is a map-based application that locates product and service providers (including home-based businesses and freelancers) for home owners and renters. Users can use the application through their mobile phone or through the web. It links all of these parties through an easy-to-use platform, where users can be aware of the sellers around them. Market size Market Size and Market Target/Potential Customers We are targeting businesses owners and renters as users. On the other hand, the customers we are targeting are home businesses and freelancers, beside other regular businesses. After doing some research we found out the number of businesses in Abu Dhabi is around 50,000 businesses according to the Statistic Center of Abu Dhabi 48% of them are micro, 36.7% of them are small and 9.9% of them are medium. Those are our targeted customers, apart from home businesses and freelancers, who we couldnt yet find accurate statics about them that we can rely on. Weve also conducted a survey in order to highlight our market segmentation. We noticed that the targeted age is 18-30 years. The percentage of the purchases from home-based businesses and freelancers is quite high as 83% answered with YES when they were asked if they have bought anything specifically from home-based businesses and freelancers, stated that the average number of purchases is around 6 times per month. However, the current tools which are mainly used to locate home-based businesses and freelancers are: Google map with 68% & Instagram with 66% as per the survey responses. Another question was asked to find out the difficulty level in finding new shops either regular shops or home-businesses so it shows that it is difficult to locate product or service providers. In conclusion, it is evident that most proportion of the people agreed to have an application thats specialized in locating all the businesses around them including home-based businesses, freelancers in addition to the regular shops. In addition to the above, weve also interviewed a home business owner who makes and sells homemade cupcakes, to see to what extent our app can serve her. She informed us that shes currently is depends on word of mouth and social media to advertise for her businesses. As she stated these methods are bringing her customers, but not as much as she wishes. Weve introduced the idea of our app to her and asked her if it would ease the process of marketing for her business and she agreed. She said that the app would has the potential to grant her the targeted exposer that the business need in order for it to flourish. 2.2 Potential competitors (at the national, regional and/or International Level) Google Map: Its a web-based service that provides a full view of the worlds street and transportation planning and options through satellite imagery. Its also, shows most the building and sites all over the world. Mr. Usta is a web-based application that works as a medium between users and service providers. Users can log in to the site, choose one of the offered services and wait until the team of Mr. Usta provide them with a quotation, then supervise the whole process until the transaction is finalized. 2.3 Novelty Use of Rogers Model for adoption of innovation Our app is different than the above-mentioned competitors, as we are including home-businesses and freelancers and concentrating on sellers only. Google map includes many other things and doesnt have the type of focus which our app is providing. As for Mr. Usta, we included them as a competitor because one of the option we are looking to apply for expansion, is being a medium between the users and clients. We are planning on creating a solid customer base then introduce the new feature of being a medium with more attractive qualities. Industry Environment 3.1 Value Chain The value chain of dawr ly consists of three stages, as shown in the below chart. The first stage Research and development thats normally included in value chain charts was excluded, because the mobile industry is already an existing industry. Therefore, our value chain starts from the Production stage. This stage includes planning, designing and developing the app to be ready for use. As owners, we plan on participating in stage through helping with the design of the app. The second stage is Marketing & Sales, which concentrates on exposing the app to the biggest number of our target customers to let them know about our app and how it can serve them. It Also, include the process of selling the app, which is based on monthly subscriptions. The third stage is Customer Service. This stage includes everything after completing the selling process, that concentrate on maintaining customers loyalty. That includes for example receiving their feedback or complains and inform them about any seasonal sales, among other valuable after sales services. Dawr lys Value Chain 3.2. Competitive Context Bargaining Power of Suppliers: We believe we a have high bargaining power in the market as our app is very simple and there are lots of developers are available to help us develop the app. Bargaining power of buyers: Our app provides businesses with marketing services through advertising their business in our app and aim to provide it with high exposure. Since businesses have various options to choose from to advertise for their business, that means we have a low bargaining power. We can work on that by offering competitive prices for our services and work on adding more attractive features to the app. Threat of new entrants: since our app is high in imitability and low in complementary assets according to Teeces model, theres a big threat from new entrants and also existing companies that might try to include similar service to their apps. So, we are planning on monitoring the market to detect any new entrants or businesses that might imitate our service and strategize accordingly. Well mainly aim to keep innovating and stay ahead. Threat of Substitute Products: Weve searched the market for any businesses that is currently providing a service that might substitute our service and we found two of them: Etisalat Call Center and Yellow Pages. Rivalry among Existing Competitors: Our main competitors in this business are Google map and the Social Media. Both of them provide locations of businesses and advertising services at the same time. Also, Mr. Usta is a website provide that acts as a medium that connects customers with product and service providers. 4.1. Mission (Profit seeking vs financial venture) Possible Business Model Finding one centralized platform that serves home owners and renters to locate product and service providers any time within their region. 4.2. Revenue stream (how are you going to make money) Business Canvas First, well get the locations of the seller and add them to our app. The users (homeowners and renters) will come to our app to get those locations. In exchange, well get the locations of these users, which will not be shared with any third party. Then well make targeted advertisements to those users through the app. For those advertisements selling shops and freelancers will pay a fixed amount of money to us. The second source of money is premium membership, which will include extra features, that will allow the sellers to have more exposure to advertise their products or services. 4.3. Operating Business Model 4.4. Application of Teeces Strategy Model According to Teeces model, our app is highly imitable and has low complementary assets. So, our strategy is to keep innovating. Legal Freedom to Operate and IP Rights To start our business, we intend to get business license according to the requirements and proceduresneeded, in compliance with rules and regulations set by the Department ofEconomic Development in the UAE. Similarly, we will protect our logo through the trademark protection laws in accordance to The Ministry of Economy which is responsible fortrademark registration in theUAE. Nevertheless, we did check our application and made sure that its not breaching other patents. Business Structure As for the business structure, we are planning on having a general partnership. We have chosen partnership to protect ourselves from liability in case the business failed. Industry Environment Division of Labor Name: Huda Al Meraikhi Job: Senior business Analyst, IT Certificate: Bachelor of Information Technology / Web Development Experience: 3 years in ADNOC, worked as Network Engineer, System Analyst, Web designer and currently senior analyst in IT business relations department. Name: Maitha Al Mazrourei Job: Personnel Officer Certificate: Bachelor of Information Technology applied to Business Experience: 2 years as a technical team supervisor in Western Region Municipality and 5 years as personnel officer in ADNOC Name: Osha Al Marar Job: Employee Relations Officer Certificate: Bachelor of Information Technology / Web Development Experience: 2 years as an employee relations officer in ADNOC Name: Shamma Al Quabisi Job: Desktop Analyst Certificate: Bachelor of Information Technology / Web Development Experience: 2 years as desktop analyst in ADNOC Introduce the idea 6.2 Skill/Experience gaps In order to build an app like dawr ly, we need an experienced web developer, wholl be able to build the app and website. Also, hell be responsible of solving any maintenance related issues. In addition, well need a marketing specialist, wholl help us advertising for our app and reach our potential customers. Next step Our next step is trying find out how much roughly this business will cost us to especially during the first year. Well also see how we should price our service and, in order to cover the expenses and make sure that our financial plan is efficient. We also want to make the required researches to find how many home businesses and freelancers are available in Abu Dhabi, to get an accurate estimation about the total number of our target customers. And finally, we want to check the market and find out the best developer that can help us in the process of building the app.

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