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Assignments:Career development documents and a Portfolio. Summative Assignment 1(will address LO 2 & 4) Element 010 Title of the assignment: Career Development Documents: Up to six pages of evidence, including a current CV, evidence of a social media profile (LinkedIn/ Twitter)- Word limit: up to 3,000 words(+ / 10%) Place of Submission: Electronic submission Time of Submission: No later than 2:00pm on due date Weighting: 40% Tip:As you may be aiming to work in public health, it would be wise to consider mapping your plan / aims against the UKPHR practitioner standardstemplateUKPHR Mapping template.docx Links to module learning outcomes: Learning Outcome 1 Demonstrate an understanding of how a variety of professional roles in public health can influence individual and population health. Learning Outcome 2 Identify core skills and competencies for public health practice using the framework provided by the UK Public Health Register. Learning Outcome 3 Select and use appropriate public health sources to support written and spoken arguments. Learning Outcome 4 Demonstrate core professional skills relating to communication, IT, digital literacy, and leadership, and provide an appraisal of personal strengths and development needs. Anassessment board exists for this module. All questions regarding the assessment must be posted to that board unless your enquiry is private. Please note that module staff will not respond to emails about assessment queries. You will find assessment discussions beneficial in terms of guidance as well as peer support and engagement. How your assessment is graded: Marks will be awarded as detailed in Anglia Ruskin University Generic Assessment Criteria Marking Standards. Specific marking criteria have been developed and provided at the end of this document. Weighting of the marking will be allocated as outlined below (each section will be marked out of 100 and combined to give the total mark (Table 1). Table 1: Section marks Summative Assignment 1 (Element 010) Portfolio Documents Section Marks CV Format Spelling/grammar Name/contact details Profile/skills/area of interest/expertise Qualifications/dates/college/Work Exp/dates/company Level of detail 30 Social Media Profile Professional Bio Linked to job sites and CPD networks Level of detail 30 Networking strategy, showing evidence of: Profile/job alert details from NHS Jobs Area of interest and level of jobs searched Level of detail 30 Spelling, grammar and referencing 10 Total 100 Summative Assignment 2 (Element 011) PDP Personal Development Plan (PDP) Reflective writing skills. Reflective practice Content, sources of help identified Level of detail 50 Evidence of skills mapped to 5 UKPHR Standards Evidence of links to PHSKF 40 Spelling, grammar and referencing 10 Total 100 Example assignment 010 layout: Introduction to the topic: Subject specific. It is worth consulting with the relevant services within the university or online to ascertain the purpose and contents of an introduction. Career development documents: Marks associated with following: Students submit evidence which will contribute to their professional portfolio. Including a current CV. Evidence of a social media profile e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Networking strategy. Job sites. Personal Development Plan (PDP): Students design a personal development plan ofup to3000 words. Including career goals and aims. Information of the role you will expect to undertake. Examples of job advertisements of that role including salary, required qualifications, skills required etc. Public health related sources of data could be the UKPHR and PHSKF frameworks as well as other professional practise documents. Other things to consider: Marks associated with exploration and depth of related issues to topic. Please also refer to the marking grid at the end of this document. Drawn on a wide range of sources. Level of analysis and detail. Layout and structure is clear with sub headings. Referencing Harvard referencing: It is expected that references will be taken from a quality, peer-reviewed source such as a journal article or textbook. In addition, the presentation, accuracy and structure of the references used within your assessment will be assessed alongside the university guidelines

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