Design and draw a

Design and draw a form that lists possible potatoes

Speedy Spuds is a fast-food restaurant offering all kinds of potatoes. The manager has a 30-second rule for serving customers. Servers at the counter say they could achieve that rule if the form they must fill out and give to the kitchen crew were simplified. The information from the completed form is entered into the computer system at the end of the day, when the data entry person needs to enter the kind of potato purchased, additional toppings purchased, the quantity, and the price charged. The current form is difficult for servers to scan and fill out quickly. a. Design and draw a form (you choose the size, but be sensible) that lists possible potatoes and toppings in a manner that is easy for counter servers and kitchen crew to scan, and can also be used as input for the inventory/reorder system that is on the extranet connecting Speedy Spuds and Idaho potato growers. (Hint: Remember to observe all the guidelines for good form design.)

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