develop a Network proposal

develop a Network proposal

ABC Is an American institute of technology which has recently moved to Canberra .ABC has developedtwo mid-size campuses where both are located in Canberra. The distance between the two campusesis 1.5 km. the first campus dimension is 1200 meters length and 700 meters width. The second campusdimension is 900 meters length and 400 meters width. The first campus has four blocks (buildings) forthree colleges (IT, Physics and Chemistry) in addition to a library .The second campus has three blocksfor the administration office, business colleges and a library.It is understood that the ABC would like to stay in use of the latest networking technology. All usersare required to be able to use wired and wireless devices .It understood as well that both campuses will be required to be connected using any desired highperformance, less overhead and secure technology in addition to users will be able to use wirelesstechnology indoor and outdoor within the dimensions of each campus.ABC would like you to develop a Network proposal (report) which can address the mentionedrequirements and concerns

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